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Awesome Reasons Why Door to Door Sales Is Amazing

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! I want to begin by sharing some of the reasons why door to door sales is awesome! Perhaps you want to get a sale every single day and so forth. Well, you need to know the reasons behind selling door to door and how it can be awesome when you follow the process. It is important that if you would like to increase your skills and close more deals than you have to use your resources and learn about the process.

1. You must realize that it’s not over or the end of the world if you get rejected! This mentality of messing up means that it is over will get you nowhere in life. You must realize that you will get rejected. I mean you are selling door to door and it is part of the job. However, you can always control the rejection and you can be in control of how many individuals you talk too. In past blogs, I have gotten into detail about retail sales. If someone comes into your business you only have a certain amount of individuals to sell too but in door to door sales if you do not sell you can always go back and try and reach out to the customer another time. If you ever wanted to become a stronger person and grow a thicker skin, then door to door sales is for you! The skills you develop do just that. You can choose to talk to as many people as you would like selling door to door.

2. You can talk to as many people as you can. You will gather that wealth of knowledge and your closing ratio gets better and better over time. You have more opportunities to make sales, to grow as a salesperson and move forward. Also, door to door sales pays well. Solar and pest control pay very well and are higher volumes and less of a pain to start, as well, as home automation. ADT is a powerful brand to sell door to door ethically. Go out there and set your goals, grow a thicker skin. Let’s just say that I want to go out and knock on doors and have been doing it for three years and have accepted the fact that I may get rejected, this will help me close more deals. Simply by growing that thicker skin by getting rejected and learning from that rejection will enable you to grow and achieve income and anything else you really want in life. Brush it off when you get rejected and move on to the next door. When you develop the skills you can learn the process of how to overcome rejection and ethically turn rejection into a sale.

3. People who work 300 plus sales in the summer work their butts off. Master door to door by going out there pounding door to door not worrying about the negativity and using their mentors and resources to help them through the process. Again they work there A, S, S off, they work their ASS off!

Geronimo says he sells cable internet and phone and is asking what I recommend for that. Well, people in Geronimo’s case are dealing with takeovers. Trying to switch the customer from what they already have to your product or service. You have to sell your product and by doing that you need to understand why your products and services are better than the commentator. Once you know why your product is better, you have to present it in an outstanding way! Now, here is a tip, if you want to overcome rejections or objections, you need to agree with them! Letting them know that you understand and engage with them and ethically share how your company is a better choice than the company they are with now. You have to dig to find that moment to engage and bring in those features and how they benefit the customer. Master the art of door to door sales! Move forward if you cannot get the sale!

I was asked if ADT is a good company to start door to door sales. Absolutely, it is! ADT is a great company. You have a wide variety of resources and as you grow in door to door sales you will be able to pick up the skills. People message me and think that they can throw words and magical tone to get people interested in the product. That is not the case. It just does not exist. Hello, are you the owner of the property here?. Remember, always look busy and be confident. How many people do you know that have our system in around your property. You’re not there to sell them the product, your there to inform them of the product to get them to your company. You’re going to explain all the features and benefits of the product. It’s not only saving a couple bucks a month. You have to take a look at a
product at a different angle. How does the product impact the world? Being in control with the amount you pay. With solar cleaner energy for example. Jeremy reached out to me for some advice selling energy.

We used to lock today’s rate for the next three to five years. What worked well for me before I transitioned was that I showed them and retrieved statistics to inform the customers more about the product and how it used to and how it has fluctuated over the past ten years. Energy actually goes up and I always pointed out how they can control their energy rate and lock it down today. I gave examples of how much the cost of gas went up and how beneficial it would have been to lock a contract for past gas prices to have them today. Once you start seeing door knocking at a different angle you will turn into a closing machine. You will develop your skills and you will learn to move forward. You are in control of how many people you talk too. You will become a stronger person! I owe my accomplishments to the people that have surrounded me in the door knocking realm. Thankfully, I am today successful and have a substantial six-figure income. I started off and built an office of three hundred reps and built FillQuick app that if you have not heard of already, it is FillQuick.com. You can achieve the same as I did. Just don’t give up and learn the process.

I want to thank you again for following along and I want to leave off with the thought that accepting those roadblocks as life’s tools to learning a new process and approach, will leave you with a life filled with a book of wealth and knowledge.

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