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The Emotional Drive That Empowers You to Close More Sales | Questions Answered

What is going on, door to door mastery fans?! Paul Shakuri here with another educational blog about door to door sales! I am here to help take your success to that next level! Are you excited? Are you on turf right now? Well, I want you to gather up your energy and get ready for today! First off, thank you to all who subscribe to my free video series and to all the people who continue to post comments on my blog and my other social media accounts. It means the world to me!

In this blog, we are going to focus on what drives you to get out and close more sales. Think about it! What drives you? When you learn more about door to door sales it becomes easier and exciting. I am just a stepping stone, a coach that can help you get that drive if you do not have it and for those that do have the drive, I want to help you maintain that drive. My first two years I was just a door knocker at the door. I never thought that I would get into management right away but I knew that if I wanted to, I had to grow into the position. Taking it one day at a time to get to that level. The big picture for me was to become management and I was able to achieve this. The reason I am telling you this is because door to door sales is the same thing. You need to take steps to get to that level of expertise.

Now, I know that at times you get excited and you have that drive built in and you go out there and bam! Rejection happens! People tell you to get the “F” off their property. This leads to frustration and disappointment. Sales is an emotional game! Once you understand the emotions, you will close more sales. Believe me when I tell you that you can get rejected at 50 doors before closing 1 sale. I know because it has happened to me. The question I want to ask you is how do you bring that 50 to 1 ratio down? How do you create that wealth? This is what I want to teach you! I am here as a support system to guide you towards the right path. There are people that go out in there first week and month and can get a deal on a daily basis. The reason why they can do this is that they have implemented the steps to door to door sales. The process is key to getting those deals. I go over the process in my video series and in my Masterd2d.com program. Understand that we all want those sales now but we need to take a couple steps back and have to learn and implement what was presented to us. Mainly, you can watch the resources I provide for you but they will not benefit you if you do not learn from them and implement them. I know you all want to learn! You want to learn the opener pitch! The resources I provide for you will do just that! You see, once you learn something you master it! Once you master it, you need to learn to rinse and repeat! What does rinse and repeat mean? You have acquired the knowledge to be a superstar at knocking on doors! Do you have the energy and excitement to go out there and do it on a day to day basis?

I want you to remember that I am here for the support! You can email me if you have any questions on door to door sales, the program I have to offer and so forth. Many times, what is stopping you is your set belief that limits you from going out there and just doing it. The tools are here to help you go out and get those sales. I want to discuss the questions that I have received.

Michael G., “I am a direct supervisor and the biggest problem that I have is that during the discussion stage the rep does 90 percent of the talking and the rep puts words into customers mouth. I have shown them what to do but they persistently do the same thing. How do I get them to use the information gathered when they get in position stage?”

The mass majority of sales rep feel uncomfortable where they just spew out a lot of information directly to the customer. You do this because you are nervous and want them to get all the information and the customer can decide if they want the product or service or not so you can be on your way. Now you are not going to get big overnight. As time passes and as time progresses you will notice that sales reps will get better and better. That closing ratio, going from 1 and 50 homeowners will come down to 1 and 25 owners and so on because now you know how to handle the customers. When I say you just get it! You knock on doors and you just get it is because you have learned how to slow down and how to handle yourself at the doors. I get excited! This is not the case when I am at the doors speaking to a homeowner. I slow down and really construct the sale. I bring my tone down and guide the customer to where I want the sale to go. Instead of pitching the exact same thing you have to keep it simple. Do not
have the opener pitch scripted.
The way people pitch can be horrible! You want to pitch people as if they were your friend. People know I love organic and one of the salespeople tried to sell me organic products. Well, he was like “Paul, you have to buy these organic products! You just have too.” Now, folks, that is not how you sell a product to a customer. It should sound more like “Hey Paul, how’s it going? Are you still into organic products? I just got into a business called organic gold and I love coffee! Do you drink coffee all of the time? I would like to show you the organic coffee product that I enjoy…” Once you slow down the pitch you will close more sales door to door. Again, if you invest in my Masterd2d.com program I go over the opener pitch, the features and benefits, and the closing pitch and so much more.

I could help you acquire and gain more in what you have invested. I teach you how to close more sales. You go out there and close one sale, you can invest one -third of the sale to my Masterd2d.com program to close more sales at the door. If you want to get experience in door to door sales, you need to knock on as many doors as you possibly can. You will get better! You will get better even if you did not use my resources. You will get better-selling door to door if you knock on as many doors as you can. However, I
am the coach that could get you there faster and that can have you master the art of door to door selling. I have years of experience selling door to door and have done my homework on the profession. I know going out there can be frustrating! I know what you are going through! Anything you really want to master and learn you have to build that emotion up. Why did you begin with door to door sales? Your goal should be to master the art of door to door selling and I am going to help you get there! Masterd2d.com is your answer! When you begin to open your horizons and engulf yourself with knowledge, the results will be exactly what you were looking for!

Thanks for following along another blog. I want you to knock with passion and energy! “Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you.”– Joel Osteen

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