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How To Tell If Your Customer Is Listening To You

As I write this. I get flashbacks to the thousands of accounts I sold and all the things customers did to try to close the door on me. If your anything like me, your probably frustrated from this. So why are people so against doing business with you and how can we tell.

People are not wanting to do business with you because the nature of the scenario. Door knocking is a cold call where you knock on the door and a random stranger is standing at the door. Let’s face it, no one wants to hand over money to a stranger. Knowing this, we have to focus on building the relationship. Most sale people who fail just pitch and keep talking hoping they will get the customer to say ok. Clearly this does not work. This is also not to say that door knocking doesn’t work, or is difficult. It’s just a different flow of a sale. The first thing to solve a problem is to know what the problem is. Face it, you are a stranger, you’re not being personable, they clearly know your selling something, and they don’t have time.

Got it ? Now let’s come up with the solution.

Your at the door talking with a potential customer. You continue to talk for a few minutes and then ask the question. “Is that something that interests you?” What’s their response? No, Not interested. You just gave them a simple out. I’m in no way saying to be a pest and keep pushing them, instead let’s take another approach.

In comes engagement. Imagine a conversation with a person on a date. Have you ever talked and talked but realized the other person just wasn’t into you? Perhaps when you were talking they were looking over your shoulder, looking on their phone or responding with short responses. This is very common in door to door sales. You tend to do the majority of the talking and they are waiting for you to just stop so that they can tell you “Not interested” Facial expressions are important to read. Is someone’s head down, looking away, are they petting their dogs and not looking at you. All these things are signs that you are speaking for nothing. Dogs are barking and the customer can care less to keep their dogs quiet so that you can speak. Respect yourself. Do not just talk if their dog is barking or they aren’t listening . If they want you gone they will say so. Always make sure you have the proper license to be in the neighborhood so that you have nothing to worry about.

Another scenario is where the customer is out in the yard and you are walking up to the home. They watched you get rejected at the neighbor, and now they see you coming over to them. Many times before you speak the customer will say “Not Interested Keep Moving Along”. Why is this? Read this to hear what I have to say about that.

If your serious about closing more sales and know that I’m the door to door coach for you. Grab the door to door mastery series by clicking on the image below. Stop getting rejected at the doors.

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