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Practice Your Pitch In The Mirror…. It Could Help You Close Sales At The Door

Don’t just read this blog and put it aside ! Did I catch you in another fault the mass majority of sales reps fall into? Reading this information and interpreting what you choose to want to use is not the way to reaching the levels of success that I and many others have ! Plain and simple, if you want the results of the top door knocker! You have to do everything the top door knocker does !

This exercise will only be for your first 3 months of knocking. The more you do it the better you get. To say I did it religiously every day for 3 months would be a lie. Regularly when I got home my first summer of sales I would hit up the mirror, take my stance and pitch.

Hi, you own this property right ? The reason I’m asking that is because we had a bunch of logos pop up recently and my company is looking to capitalize on that momentum ! Did you hear about any of that out here?

So if you were to be creative and follow my teachings and practice this one line ! Don’t sound scripted, but actually implement this over and over ! Your engagement levels would sky rocket through the roof !

Remember what I teach in my Door To Door Mastery program about the opener ! Your opener is not designed to throw up who you are and what you represent so that you feel more comfortable at the door. Instead your goal is to create curiosity ! Re read what I wrote and think about the psychology of what I wrote !

Top level sales people know how and when to use their words. There is no trickery just very soothing words that spark and create interest. At first interest doesn’t have to be in your offer. Focus more on creating interest in them finding out who you are and “What the heck are you doing at their door step” (not in a rude way and not sounding like a typical sales person)

I say door to door sales is like an art because no 2 doors are exactly ever alike. Although the concept stays similar, the people and doors change.

Get behind the mirror and practice your pitch today. Make it a daily routine to do it over and over again. You know being a podcaster is similar to door knocking in the way that you shouldn’t sound scripted ! The more scripted you sound the worse your outcome will be. I’m so glad to hear my on screen presentations in the door to door mastery program has helped many of you really master that opener.

Know that pitching in the mirror is designed to get your flow. When I say don’t sound scripted, I mean don’t try to nail every word dead on because it really sounds like your a walking machine. Go to each door knowing the general idea of your pitch. Envision the concept in your mind. Paint that picture in your head and speak off of what you see in your mind !

See why I teach it’s important to have a clear mind 🙂

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