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Recruiting Technicians To Grow Your Business

Ok if you own a door to door company chances are you have been in the industry as a sales person or a technician. The way to grow a solid door knocking company is to have a seamless flow where your sales representatives call in a sale and the technician gets the job and goes and installs it.

Same day installations are typically loved in the industry for sales representatives, technicians of summer programs and most of the time owners of the company. Why give a a customer time to think about it right ? Well I know this method works however expect more issues to come up when customers feel like they got squeezed into a sale ! Make sure if you are going to use this method that your sales people sell the job right and your technicians are willing to do the job that same day.

Technicians want consistent work. They don’t ask for much right ? Ha ! Trust me as I been on both sides of the spectrum. I don’t blame them they want work, however most technicians want a steady schedule. It’s 10pm and you got that job and want it same day ! Do you have a tech that can do that ? Is a tech in that neighborhood? These are all things you need to talk with technicians before hiring them so that you both have the understanding of how things are going to work.

Hiring technicians out of state is very scary if you are only licensed but have no presence. Make sure you do whatever it takes to meet with these technicians and have them understand what volume of installs they can expect to receive. Fight to get this number ! It’s not an easy game to do however use today’s modern technology like FaceTime or Skype to stay in touch with them. Say hello from time to time. Your ultimate goal should be to have enough work for techs so that you can pay them a salary and make out ahead having a consistent technician or more that’s always there at your service for those installs.

Technicians normally get frustrated with door to door sales people. The technicians speak a completely different language. Know the difference and know how to talk to technicians. If you promise a technician something and don’t deliver, chances are they will be looking for work else where.

If your volume is low to start, hire a technician on call until you can take one on full time. Using a software to help track your inventory like “FillQuick” is highly recommended because you get to log everything.

To sum it all up, technicians want steady work ! Steady work comes from sales people working hard. Many times I found success hiring technicians who have never done niche specific installs but agreed to take the manufacturer trainings or to shadow another technician within my company. These technicians normally end up being loyal and complain less. It’s a two way street and if your not making your technicians happy, your sale people don’t have installs getting installed !

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