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My thoughts on having a side job while door knocking

There is no direct answer. Let me break down the details so that you can better decide what is the best choice for yourself to make. Please make sure to read the whole post. The answer begins with me needing to know your current situation.

  1. How behind are you on rent?
  2. Do you have a family?
  3. Are you in a ton of debt?
  4. How well does the door to door sales job you got pay?

Now many times people get confused with reality vs confidence. If you have a family and confidence levels of -5, don’t jump into a door to door job that is 100% commissions. I know you need to get a hold of your mind and all that jazz but until you do, its not smart to make the leap. Companies who have sales reps that are making a lot of money will tell you, do it, believe in yourself. I don’t argue this and I do want you to believe in yourself however the reality still sits at the end of the day whether or not you will be able to get ahold of your mind. You see before taking that leap forward, I want you to gain control of your mind and your finances. When I talk finances I means a couple months rent and food covered in the case you don’t do as well as you should.

Take note, if you did decide to jump ship of your guaranteed salary and knock full time, your going to have to fight hard pushing yourself to get a sale a day. Do not worry about what you will achieve longer term, just be your best and follow some tips that I will share with you. Wake up happy. Often times I tell sales reps, how much sleep did you get? what was the first thing that went through your mind in the morning when you woke up ? The answer is typically not what I’m looking to hear. Understand that you have the power to change all that. I know you herd this many times over, but until I shake you out of the trance your currently in, its going to be hard for you to bring out your true potential. 

Lately I have been doing a lot of studies on how our brain works. What we believe about life and what it really is are two completely separate things. You currently believe that you wake up, you pump yourself up, you go out and you get sales. If that were the case, ask yourself… how many times have you done that only to get a 0 day? what I’m about to teach you will give you endless sales and more importantly consistency with your sales.When you are consistent, and have the time to do what it takes to become consistent, that is when I believe you are ready to jump ship. Door knocking is about controlling your mind. When you tell yourself you are the best,  every single minute of the day, your mind begins to scan for reasons to justify this, only to come up with reasons why you are not. It is in this moment that your brain has been wired to think like this and put you in this never ending loop of the downward spiral. If this makes sense to you, you now have that initial spark that will change your life forever. The next step will be to implement and follow through with what I’m about to teach you. here it goes.

Every morning, i need you to wake up, and start selling. Wait a minute? Start selling? yes. Selling yourself. You need to sell your mind in on how amazing you are, how amazing you will become, and how real it is that you will do amazing things in your life. Throughout the day you have to keep selling. Always be selling. When you start knocking on those doors and your not getting a door knocking sale, your getting another sale which is that of the control of your mind. I know my writing skills are not the greatest. Who cares, i keep pushing forward to give you the message of what I know, learned and have Mastered. That coupled with the wealth of video knowledge in my Door To Door Mastery Program , followed by implementation should have you on your way to success.

Look the bottom line is you need to make an educated decision. If your young, single and have nothing to loose, you may want to go for it. If the worst that can happen is you sleep on your buddies couch for a month, plus your super confident you can make it work, then what do you have to loose ?

Thanks for asking this question often guys and gals, I get asked it all the time so here is the answer. Comment below and I will personally give you a response.


  1. I having issues with opening and closing. I can begin a conversation real quick but I generally leads to a not interested.

    • There can be a numerous of reasons … This Sunday June 14th I have a podcast coming out on this topic that will really help you. Make sure to be subscribed on iTunes FREE, or listen direct from the blog here.

  2. I love the blogs that you post it really helps me out. I would like to hear more

    • Thanks Blake. At the top of the site there is a search bar. Any topic you are looking for, simply type it in there and I’m certain I will have written a blog post on it. Keep knocking and getting comfortable with it, your bound to learn it and make it rewarding.

  3. Paul, this is just great as I’m doing door to door for the first time and I do love it but I started of great But now I’m finned it Hard? But I will be on your videos and blogs.
    Silvester Pereira

    • This is very common with all sales reps doing door to door. The reason this happens is because we start letting the job get emotional. When you start, all you focus on is getting sales. Then when you start doing this longer, many emotions kick in which ultimately drive you to over think it, over complicate it and hence you get a worse result. Go back to the beginning, KEEP IT SIMPLE 🙂 Thanks for interacting.

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