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How Lipstick & Fake Nails Got Me 10 Sales

It was memorial day,  and I recall the day as if it were yesterday. Denver Colorado. I woke up, went to the gym got a good workout in and felt like a million bucks. The weights seemed lighter, the temperature outside felt perfect. I got to my place and everyone was in a good mood. Everything seemed as if it were just right. I opened the fridge made myself a healthy breakfast, showered and life was just wonderful. Was it? or without me even knowing I was about to have a 10 day ! Yes 10 sales in a day.

The alarm went off that notified me it was time to show up to the meeting and my first “Oh Shit” moment happened. My manager said alright guys n gals exciting news to announce! were going to the Baseball game tomorrow. The Colorado Rockies ! everyone was super excited to know that tickets were bought and we would be going to the game. There was one catch…

Who’s feeling great today? As I’m sure you can think, I jumped in the air with excitements saying ME ! I’m pumped … I feel like I’m on top of the world! Great Paul, your going to love this. Bring it, bring it… Not only are we going to the game tomorrow, were going to have some competition in the office. I love competition ! Bring it on baby… Keep in mind at this point I was not the top sales person in my office!

My manager started to Pair people up! You and you, stand there, You and you stand there, Paul and Eric you stand there… Hmmm high five Eric were going to destroy our competition. He then began… Ok so the person your partnered with is not your partner. What ? Yes the person your partnered with is the person you will go against in this competition. The competition is this…

Because we are going to the game tomorrow and it is a sold out crowd, The person who gets more sales between the two, gets to cross dress the other person and they have to go to the Colorado Rockies game dressed like that. Hellllllll No ! if there was one thing I stood for it was my masculinity and pride. Nope not doing it. Why Paul ? are you scared of loosing? No, I don’t dear loosing I just won’t do that. Then simply DONT LOOSE ! After thinking it through I soon realized he was right ! I just wouldn’t loose and there wouldn’t be a problem.

The day started off, I got into my first couple of homes, But to my over excitement I lost my first sale at the paperwork part saying something ridiculously stupid that I would typically not say. I lost the deal and the home owner had me walked out of his house. NOT A GOOD START ! The pain of going to the game dressed like a lady was so intense that no matter what got in my way, I was bound to push through all the way till the end. Time passed and I was at 3 deals. It was still early, I reached out to Eric and said, how are you doing? He said he was at 1. I knew I had the lead but I was afraid he might be lying. Eric was and still is GOOD ! My mind was set on GETTING THAT NEXT DEAL, that i was asking every homeowner to get in and do a demonstration regardless of how they were reacting in my opener pitch. My flow was perfect, I was saying and doing the right things because I learned from my previous mistakes. I collected 4 more deals, knew that I was on fire and just doing amazing. I called Eric he said he is stuck at 3 and that he already gave up. What ? was it true ? should i stop here ? what if he was lying? I pushed harder, all the way until 11:30pm , yes almost midnight I remember the lady saying WHAT ? are you insane your going to install it now? Yes we are #1 in customer service, plus our techs are super quick. Ok fine I guess but I will be putting my kids to bed. 🙂

That last deal was deal number 10! one cancelled so i ended up with 9. I never had an actual 10 day installed, but close enough. Who knows I may one day go back to break that record when other goals are accomplished. The bottom line is this. When you feel amazing or have a big enough reason to push yourself to the max at every single door, and stop worrying about whether or not your going to get a sale. Sales will come. Anyone can do this. When we have self doubt, and your are not 100% certain that going out today will get you sales no matter what, we tend to blank or get terrible numbers. My question to you is this. Whats your daily purpose to go out and get sales? Mine was to not dress like a girl.

If you’re serious about taking your sales game to the next level buy my Door To Door Mastery program… It will pay for itself right away and you will be asking yourself why you didn’t buy it sooner.


  1. Paul, I like you and have been tempted to purchase your services but one thing is holding me back. That is, the amount of typos in your posts is alarming. It makes me doubt.
    Great story though.

    • Hahahahah , I know Ken I’m no writer but I’m a powerful presenter. My http://MasterD2D.com program is Video based, along with downloadable spreadsheets and more. DO NOT purchase if your NOT confident in my WORK ! Don’t judge the level of education you will get based on my writing skills 🙂 ! great writers are good at making things sound nice, but does it deliver results? thats one thing I’m certain on is my teachings deliver results.

      • Hey Paul,

        I gotta say I love what you do! D2D is literally the foundation of entrepreneurship, I don’t see anyone else dedicated to properly educating people.

        I just got started 5 days ago, and I find at least in my areas that I get a better response from around 7-9 pm. It seems like people have settled down after dinner and are less stand-offish.

        What has been the best time to knock doors from you experience?

        Thanks Paul, you’re the man!

        – Carson Crane

        • Carson whats up man…. Thanks for saying the truth … YES door to door sales is the foundation of every true inspiring Entrepreneur. As for the time to knock. Yes your sorta right on later everyone is home and they are done dinner however this never stopped me. Keep in mind great sales people know that it only takes that one person to close that sale that isn’t eating dinner, who isn’t on the typical time sheet. Your goal is to collect as many deals as you can in a day. Here is a link to a blog post i wrote on this exact topic. Keep on rocking my man … Be smart with your money and HIT YOUR DREAMS ! as for me teaching this… Im honored and blessed to be around the best people in the industry that are willing to learn and grow as an aspiring entrepreneur ! here is the link. http://www.doortodoormastery.com/when-is-the-best-time-to-knock-have-a-clue/

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