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It Doesn’t Take A Rocket Scientist To Sell Alarms | Sometimes It Feels Like It…. read on

The mass majority of my door to door career was selling home security systems door to door. Kinda like if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere, i strangly believe the door to door world and home security sales is the same thing.

It is odd to know that not many people who start door to door end up successful. Take a look at the stats with businesses that succeed in america. 1 in 10 businesses succeed meaning if you were to open a business you have only 10% of success. Or does it mean that? you see i always believed that stats were based on averages, altho this is true, i like to put my efforts into an above average category at anything i do, hence achieving above average results. If your reading this and your not going “Paul, i know exactly what your talking about” chances are you don’t have what it takes to do real well right away off the bat. Many times i have been proven wrong, however it does go back to this 80/20 rule meaning 20% of the people will do 80% of the work.

When managing a team, i looked for talented individuals with good communication skills. Starting off, i was super excited to sell security systems door to door because it paid so well. I would go to every correlation meeting, missing only 1 meeting in 4 months, due to my negligence. 1 week out of the year i recall falling into a slump and beating myself up mentally to the point where i actually wanted to quit. The teachings i teach are that of many years experience and me going through the ups and downs so that you don’t have to suffer the same things i did.

When selling home security systems door to door you need to understand a few things.

1) Not Every Door is a sale, however MANY are
2) Some people have sour taste about your product or company
3) Many people still don’t know that there is a monthly fee attached
4) Lots of people are not aware what a security system can really do for them
5) Almost all of your potential customers have no idea what it costs, even after you just told them

I couldn’t tell you how many doors i knocked on in my lifetime as a door knocker. I was frustrated to know why people were not buying from me. Over and over and over again i would get, we just simply can’t afford it. After years of getting this i discovered 2 main things.

1) How much couldn’t they afford? Did they really understand the true “out of pocket” cost involved?
Mass majority of the times they really did not know. There answer when asked how much it would cost them was too much and we don’t have the money for another monthly bill. I asked them, if it were 12 buxs a year, $1/ month would you be able to afford it. Well yes of corse they said. I replied, how can you say you cannot afford when you do not know the price ?

2) What exactly were they getting. After not wanting it because of price, they did not know what they were even getting. How can someone commit to giving you $40/month when they have no clue what they are getting. Now the problem wast that i was not telling them what they get, it was the way i was delivering the message.

I discovered people were not listening to me because they built a barrier in their mind. They weren’t listening to my speech, so in essence i was wasting my time talking. When i learned how to grab their attention and shake them off of the negative thoughts of “They Don’t want it” i found them listening more to what the home security system could do for them. This lead to my Six Figure income year selling door to door.


  1. I really like how you talked about understanding the customer’s outlook on alarm sales. Some people might be a little skeptical, so it is important to be completely transparent with them about costs and installation. Great tips about helping people understand what home security systems could do for them.

    • Thanks… Yes transparency is very important but you have to learn when to bring the price up because if they know price to early they don’t listen to the true worth of what your product can do … that’s key. all taught in my http://Masterd2d.com
      grab it you wont go wrong I assure you.

  2. Hi Paul thanks for producing such useful and compelling content. I am new to the industry, based in the UK. What average metrics would you say are realistic for a beginner to work towards in terms of doors knocked, number of contacts,conversion rates et cetera?

    • Very good question, but I have a deeper issue with this. Your mind is not in the right place. Stop worrying about these things, instead maximize the doors you knock on. I want you out on the doors 8 hours a day min, then I want you consuming 3 hours of my videos along with reading 1 blog post a day on the blog. Then and only then will you start to be able to talk metrics. It’s completely diff based on your sales skills, and what you sell + where. No excuses, go out and make it happen.

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