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Do Not Advance Too Quick In Your Pitch… The Sale Killer

Many times when i was out in the field, i got excited and wagged my tale like my dog ! I felt unstoppable and this feeling lead me to close more sales. I would find more lay downs than anyone in my office because i was knocking more doors then them. When you are riding this wave, it seriously feels like the customers have more to loose than you, selling door to door.

It wasn’t until i had gotten my first customer that told me they were looking for what i had to offer, they couldn’t believe how in expensive my product was, that i literally jumped ahead steps and wrote up the contract in a matter of minutes because this was a lay down. To my astonishment they cancelled that same night. I still remember the lady and her husband. They were inviting me to there house, they offered me food and drinks, but why were they canceling ?

Any time things don’t go my way in life i ask WHY ? there has to be a reason why people do what they do. The reason i am such a great sales person is because from all my mistakes i asked why. I found out from so many random customers that they shared similarities. The common similarity that cancel customers had, and believe me i had many when i first started, was …. They found something that i did not tell them and was scared that there might be more.

If your selling a contract, whether it be 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or even 20 ! make sure you tell them, but also educate them why having this contract is a good thing. Protecting their rate when prices normally go up is what a lot of my customers loved.

“Paul how do I know that my rate of $41.99, is going to stay that way ? 

Paul: Well I’m so glad you brought that up because we have a price protection guarantee that states….. and if “X” company that i represent currently decides to increase it on you, you have the option to exercise your right to do “blank” as stated right here in the contract…

You see, most sales people focus on going out and selling but don’t really take the time to do their homework to know as much about what they are selling. Keep in mind when you are selling you don’t want to over talk and say to much because you may confuse your customers, however having your ammo and knowing when to use it is what i teach in my Door To Door Sales Mastery Program.

In my career this happened numerous times. When things seemed to good to be true, it really was and the sale ended up going sour. My best advice to give you is take your time, not too much time, but know your steps and do each and every step with care and caution, as even thou it may look like a lay down, you still have to let the sale run its course.


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