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Having issues closing sales after getting into the house

Are you having issues closing sales? You get into the house, the customer let you do a presentation but they still aren’t saying yes to signing the contract. Whats going on? Whats wrong? whats wrong with me? All this explained in this blog post.

Lets start off with the positive. Your getting into the house. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, How many in-house presentations did you do? The days I didn’t have sales are the exact same days I was scared to ask potential clients if I can do an in home presentation with them. Depending on what you sell, you will always have a place of business that is separate then the front door. People want what you have to sell, you just have to be the one to present it to them in a way where it makes sense and is priced right. Wait, make sense? yes. Lets talk about that for a second.

New sales reps tend to spill the beans way to quick only to get what they are trying to say out of their mouth and into the ears of their potentials. Why is this so? Well, like a professional athlete in training , they want to screw the goal but don’t know how to gain traction and pickup momentum. The way to do this is to not use all your sales ammo in one spot. When I pitch a potential customer, I use my products features and benefits in a way where I find out what my customers hot buttons are. Hot buttons are the features and benefits that your potential customer finds valuable to them. Whats deemed valuable? Value is that of which the features which impact your customer in a positive way. Each customer will be impacted by a certain feature in a different way at a different level. A customer who hates a feature your product has may vary from another customer who absolutely loves that exact same feature. When talking about the value a customer sees in a feature, each customer had a perceived level of value in that given feature. The higher the value they see in that feature, the more you will want to focus on it and touch upon the other features that compliment that particular feature. Who said sales was easy hey? Well, it is. Once you start to understand what drives people to buy, you will start to learn how to make impactful presentations. The sale is in your presentation.

When presenting, you have to gain traction. Just because your speaking, it doesn’t mean they are listening or getting it. Remember back when you were dating that girl, she was talking and you were like “oh ya, me to” only to not know what the heck she was talking about. Ya, sorry to break it to ya but Karma is a BEOTCH 🙂 Your customers will do this to you as well. People these days have a very low attention span. This doesn’t mean you cannot sell them, it only means you have to learn to talk, stop, and ask if what you said makes sense and if they can benefit from that particular feature. DO NOT settle for them telling you “Yes it does”. The key here is to question them.

“Sir, just to make sure i’m doing my job right, how exactly would you be able to see yourself benefiting from what i just explained.”

Now at this point, you will want to help them out if they are slow to answer but let them spill whats on their mind. Work them. What this will do is alert them that they should be listening to you. I always say, if your the only one doing the talking, you will not get the sale. people will wait for you to shut your mouth, only to tell you “not interested”. Once I learned how to overcome this process like taught in my mastery program, my life changed. Because my sales increased, I was able to live the life that I wanted to live. Coming home with sales daily is one of the best feelings in the world. it does exists, you just have to learn the process and how to handle it. Keep practicing and comment below to let me know how this is working for you.


  1. Paul:

    Just purchased your series after putting it off.

    Will you please send me more of your cable sales pitch. I rep verizon.

    • Congrats Lee, proud to have you as a member… Dont look at it as industry specific that will guide you in the wrong direction. People say this because they believe there is the special “verbiage” to use to con the customer in to getting what you have to sell… wing it … most of the sale is how you present yourself not what you say.

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