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How to Find Motivation to Knock On Doors Selling

“I just can’t do it! I don’t know! Every time I get up, I just don’t think I am going to get a deal today! This is the most frustrating thing in the world. How am I going to get up?!” Is this you? Well, today’s topic we are going to focus on getting motivated to get up every day and go out there prepared to knock on those doors.”

So you have built frustration based on whether you are going to be going out there knocking on a daily basis or if you’re not because of the belief system that you have built. You simply believe that you will not get those sales. So your motivation level is at its peek low. You are not excited to go out there and knock! I want you to take a moment and ask yourself why and if this is the reason that you are frustrated, because you are not getting! You need to think more about this! You have or had in the back of your mind a belief that you were or are going to be the top salesperson making two to three deal’s a day. However, this is not what is happening to you. You simply are not closing those deals. You go out there and work and you just can’t seem to get those sales. Your spouse begins to antagonize you because you’re going out there working for free and not getting those deals. Then you begin to tell yourself that your just not good enough, that this is not cut out for you and that you cannot make those deals happen! It begins to eat you alive that other people are closing sales and you’re not!

As a result, human’s by default in the back of our minds base what’s going to happen to us in the future with what has happened to us in the past and we do this subconsciously. What do I mean, well if you haven’t closed a deal in two to three days, or have been working for a month and only closed a couple of sales, in your mind your thinking “will I even be able to close a deal today?” You begin to start putting yourself down. Disempowering not only your skills but yourself. “I can’t do it, I am overweight, I will never become successful, there’s no point!” What do you think happens when you do this? You start heading towards a downward spiral and I don’t blame you for being there because everyone has been there before! However, what I do blame you for is not doing the research and finding this blog post! But wait for a second, if your reading this, then congratulations, you have done your research and that is the beginning step. What we need to do next is to re-ignite your you know what to get you to that next level. The level where you are going to be so excited that with certainty you are going to know and feel with a hundred percent certainty that you will get that sale within the first hour or two of door knocking.

Does that sound scary? I know for many individuals that say it does sound scary because they have never closed a deal! Most of them say that to get a deal or two within the first hour is highly unlikely. Do you see the problem! You are in a rut! Just like those people that haven’t been to the gym in five weeks, months and so forth. All of these are called disempowering emotions. Now here is your homework! I need you to write down on a piece of paper and write and highlight disempowering emotions. On a separate sheet of paper, I want you to write down empowering emotions. What do I mean? Disempowering emotion, not getting a sale, eating unhealthy and how these make you feel. Some of the things that empower me, playing hockey and feeling great after a workout, eating and drinking healthy water and foods, making money, driving nice cars, living in a fancy house.

You need to identify those disempowering emotions that are crippling you every day and when you begin to identify them you have to figure out what you are going to do to overcome those emotions. Well, you have to replace your disempowering emotions with empowering emotions. Every time I am down and I want to excite myself I go to my empowering emotion and say “hey Lamborghini,” I am going to become excited and I may have a picture of it and set my goal to get to that. What does it mean to my family, my future, my career, the kinds of food I eat and so forth?! What does it ultimately mean to you? At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you feel! You need to learn how to take control of your emotions! When you do, watch what happens and just watch how motivated you will become. Finally, I am going to ask you to set goals. What are you going to accomplish in a week or two weeks? Are you going to reach three sales in a week and how are you going to go about doing that? Set your goal and watch how things will shift! Be hard on yourself when you don’t reach your goals and find solutions. Sell ethically if you want to close those deals at those doors.

Thank you for following along. Keep me in mind the next time you go online and check out my blog. Remember disempowering emotions push you down the hill whereas empowering emotions to climb up the hill of and over the mountain!

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