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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Millionaires | Your Questions Answered

What’s happening door to door mastery fans?! Paul Shakuri here with yet another blog! If you are reading this right now, I want you to keep following along because today we are talking about money and not just money but lots of it! Let me ask you, do you want to increase the wealth that you have? I do because having extra money can help you enjoy the finer things in life. That’s what I want! I don’t want to spend or go over my means! At the age of 24, I had a 4000 square foot house and it was just my wife and me who lived in the house. It had so much space and was empty. This was back when I lived in Arizona.

I want to break down an article that I recently read and its entitled Five Things You Did Not Know About Millionaires.

1. Millionaires actually do not feel rich! When I was generating around 7000 dollars on a weekly basis, I did not feel rich. Think about it! How rich do you have to be to feel rich? I don’t know how rich I have to be to feel rich but I know I have to live comfortably. The way you become wealthy is not to go out and spend all your money. You must have a steady growth that at the end makes and maintains wealth. “When spectrum researchers asked people with a net worth between one million and five million dollars to put themselves on a sliding scale ranging from zero being poor to one hundred being completely wealthy, the average results were 63.91 or just above the middle. Which means, in reality, those above one million dollars are 92 percent wealthier than the American Households” (Sykes, Five Things You Did Not Know About Millionaires).

2. “People with a net worth between five million dollars and twenty-five million dollars put themselves on a higher scale, 72.14.” That’s five to twenty-five million dollars net worth! Insane! These folks are among the top 1 percent of households. Most people do not think they are wealthy when they actually are. With this, I suggest you learn more about inflation and not having any debt. I am saying this because as a door knocker you need to go in and close more sales as fast as you can, put money aside, invest in it and take care of your family. Putting time aside to learn will not make you feel rich along the way and that is fine because you are putting money aside and you are slowly increasing the amount of money you make.

3. Hard work and education are the keys to success! I couldn’t have gotten where I am right now without hard work and education. You have to learn and implement what you learn. Without implementing what you learn defeats the entire purpose of getting an education. I have many social media accounts that provide the tools and resources that can make you become successful. You can invest in my Masterd2d.com program and learn the step by step formula to door knocking. But remember, you have to implement the methodology behind door to door sales for the program and the resources to work. You can’t just learn them and expect to get those sales. In Edmonton Alberta, we rely on oil. When gas goes down, this results in fewer profits for these companies. Most of the time when this happens people begin to get laid off or may lose their job entirely. There is a trickle effect that takes place, it could get as far as not providing people with the opportunity to invest in my Masterd2d.com program. Inflation is around the corner and I don’t want you to stress about it but I do want you to improve yourself on a day to day basis. Get ten thousand dollars in savings to start! That should be your first goal! It was my first goal! I strived for it and once I set my mindset to achieve that goal, I reached it! You can too!

4. Millionaires are Hands-on with their money! I used to think that I would be hands-on with my money and the person who wrote this, Timothy Sykes said, “only 40% of the mass influent investors enjoyed being involved in their finances.” I enjoy managing my money but it is not what I love and enjoy and love are two separate things. If you trust someone enough who is capable of managing your money, perhaps that can be the route for you, I don’t want to give advice in this are but for me personally, I don’t manage my finances, this way I can focus on what I excel in. Millionaires and multimillionaires love having hands on. “35% said they enjoyed investing and wouldn’t want to give it up. Meanwhile, 53% of millionaires and 62% of ultra high net worth respondents agreed that investing was a pleasure they would not want to sacrifice” (Five things you didn’t know about millionaires). I love investing, I really do! I invest in many resources for you all and I love it! For example, I invest in podcasts and other social media accounts. It is amazing to know that my messages are being sent out worldwide. The main message I want to get out there is to focus on your goal. Move towards the direction of getting and closing those sales. Get rid of the emotions of wanting to quit.

5. The wealthiest households enjoy saving more than spending! I don’t enjoy saving so much as investing! I enjoy investing in products that are profitable. For example, I recently invested in a stand-up desk. This product is useful for me because I am constantly working at a desk and it can help with my back and posture. Do not invest in junk! Make sure you invest in items that allow you and your family to live comfortably. I am extremely passionate about this and I want all of you to close more sales so you can change the quality of life that you live. Questions from Door Knockers – Tyler A. “Do you have your program on DVD’s?” I do not have Masterd2d.com on actual DVD (a hard copy) because if I have it on DVD it will be open to piracy a lot easier. It streams from any device (if you want to be on turf you can just stream it instead of relying on a DVD resource). It costs me more to stream the video, I get charged and I am perfectly fine with it because I want to ensure that you have the content out there. Yes, it is profitable but there are some hidden charges for me as well to help decrease some of the costs for you. I come out with new videos for the membership area and can easily send them to you instead of burning all the DVD’s and hiking the price because it’s on DVD. Now, as more and more members begin streaming my Masterd2d.com program I will eventually have to raise the price to cover the cost of the program. It’s to your benefit I do not have it on DVD, less expensive and convenient. – John C. “I just received a job in communication and saw a video on rejection and found it very helpful. My problem is I focus on selling the facts instead of the value.”

I also worked in communication and entertainment and was very successful at it. I actually trained one of my friends and enjoyed doing so. My friend was actually making 200 dollars a day and he hated sales. He did very well in it! You have to learn how to do it and stick to it and learn how to take the rejections and handle them. This is very important and vital in your career. Now, if you’re a tech guy, I can see how you’re focussing more on the facts instead of the value of your product. It takes time but you have to keep the value and the facts of the product very simple. You can lose customers if there is a lot more to know about your product then they’re going to want to do more research. Tell them what they need to hear to close the sale but make sure they get all the answers that they need. You will learn this over time. Knowing your customer’s hot buttons is important in building the value for the product. Thank you again for following along another blog of how to master selling door to door. Knock with passion and remember to be a successful door knocker!

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