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Characteristics Of Top Salespeople

Are you familiar with the 80/20 rule? 80% of the sales come from 20% of the sales reps. This means that a small amount of people are able to produce more accounts than a large number of people. How is this so? Are they the chosen ones? Do they have some special magical powers that the others don’t. The great news is, I studied this. Having large sales organizations cold calling selling door to door, I discovered what differentiated a top sales person from the rest.


The highest producing sales reps typically are the ones who have been doing it the longest. This isn’t to say that all people who sell for a long period of time, automatically are placed as the top sales person. There are many other factors that contribute to what makes a successful knocker versus producing average numbers. Study a professional athlete. Do you know any professional athlete that plays at a professional level after just starting out new? Over time, you develop the skill to master the game you are playing, so long as you learn from those who already done it, and tailor it to yourself. Give yourself that edge by tweaking the wheel a little so that you figure out what works best for you. Use others as a guide. Failure and quitting is not an option. 


Top dogs know they will go out and get sales. The bar is limitless. The question is how many will I get today. To many sales people understand that they have what it takes to get people to purchase what they have to offer. Why wouldn’t someone want what I have! The more experience you have, the longer you have been doing it, the more sales you have under your belt, the more confident you become. We are programmed sub consciously to believe that if it’s happened in the past, it’s more than likely going to happen again in the future. 


No matter what! I’m going to push myself at my redline to get my sales. High producers will not settle for coming home without sales. As time goes on in the day, they use more of their energy to make sure they close that next sale. We tend to start feeling anxiety when we haven’t gotten a sale after our first 30 min or 1 hour. After all, the pain of going home empty handed is way to severe, that we use this emotion as a drive to push through and give it our all on every single door. 

A Specific Goal

We know what we want. We know why we want it and we know when exactly we have to come home with it. Setting goals is a major step that is not overlooked by a top producer. Every year, new goals are set.

  1. How many accounts will I sell this year?
  2. Why do I want that many sales this year?
  3. What will it mean to have that many sales this year?

The sense of accomplishment plus the financial benefit. Top dogs love to win. We love the smell and taste of winning. Yearly goals are broken down into monthly, weekly, daily then hourly. Knowing how many sales you need to accomplish short term, helps keep you on target to achieve your long term success. This person really lives the moment of achieving their goals before they even hit it. They envision what it will look and feel like to have all the rewards, praises and benefits from accomplishing their goals. Goals never end. Once you master the art of selling door to door, the next step is to build solid teams and learn how to properly lead your team to victory.

You now have what it takes to be a top sales person at your company. The question is, will you read this once and over skip the steps. Will you tell yourself “oh well, I only need to work on this one, or that one” this mentality will destroy you. Like myself, I’m always challenging myself and growing. I’m constantly studying success because I personally believe it leaves clues. Review this blog post along with all my more in depth teachings just like this and more in my Door To Door Mastery program. Get instant access to my streaming videos and downloadable worksheets now.


  1. Good morning Paul,
    Iam so thankful I found you during my research online .
    You sir are truly an inspiration to me .
    I want to change my life I want to become independent I want to be able to provide everything me and my family needs ,and be able to help those in need .
    I have been working in the same field for 30 years just getting by and after being divorced getting by was even a bigger challenge.
    So I worked part time in my field and also door to door .
    My biggest barrier was fear of rejection fear of bothering people. But on the other hand I know people who have succeeded greatly in cable TV or satellite sales i always wanted to get to that point !
    But kept.looking for excuses to not do it .
    Now iam in a financial bind and need to succeed I need financial independence more than ever .i have signed up with a cable ,satellite ,home security dealer on the east coast ,iam in Chicago… I looked for dealers locally but nothing available at this time .
    Bottom line is I feel I can create the life I need and want for my family with sales but something is holding me up ,the fear of the unknown…how do I overcome this?

    • Kevin Johnson Ma man … that’s touching all you wrote… digitally we are connect and its a blessing that I even get the opportunity to read and give you my thoughts on what you are struggling with … Here lets dive into it ….

      First off your so very welcome… it is comments like this that wake my ass up every morning and get excited to do what I do… your a blessing…. To become dependent, your going to have to build an empire of your own. The start will not be easy but it will grow. Shit no better time then 2018 to start .. really … in 12 months from now, you can have a business with 12 sales reps, that’s 1 sales rep a month …. The way you build independence is by consistent work… key word here consistency … you need to work every day on building your cause .. if you dont, you will never build that independence … but how ?? how ?? reality is you probably don’t have a ton of money to start … that’s fine but welcoming leadership into your life and business will start the change … you can start off by selling and finding one person , just 1 who wants to work with you … find a person who is like minded and wants to grow together , shit he/she might even turn into a partner , the key is all big players have money and can grow quicker off the ground but if you are newer you have to boot leg it or raise cash… no point raising cash when you can boot leg it to start ….

      Look the reality of excuses are we all have them. Fuck the bullshit gurus who tell you they wake up without them … I have inside on the back side of big players and yes sales people and business people wake up saying “FUCK” im getting sued, this business although looks great on the outside, can collapse overnight if XYZ happens…. Once I learned to not give a shit about the gurus and focus more on building the right team within my organization, HEAVEN came to me and so can it to you… We live in a time where its normal to say “everything is going amazing” ahahahah NO WAY that’s not true and I assure you. Build your foundation and allow wealth to come in…

      You are in a financial bind so your going to have to get a sub dealer program for a company and get 15-20 personal sales as your goal monthly… This means in just 30 days from now, your financial bind will be a thing of the past. if you need help with that email me ill get you connected ….

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