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Build Momentum Selling D2D

What’s up? Paul Shakuri here with yet another door to door mastery breakthrough for you! I have been studying for the last six to eight years on how to achieve success! How people in business achieve the ultimate definition of success! It is not earning a 6 figure or 7 figure, 8 or 9 figure income! Its simply waking up happy! Happiness is what success truly is! I have been studying it for years and it all comes back to what I do in door to door sales, the consistency, the momentum! Consistency is something that I have learned in door to door sales and I recently received an email from June Coffee and I want to share with you all as well as answer some of June’s questions. June shares that the tips and strategies I provide on an ongoing basis are quite similar to what they are taught on a day to day basis at her job. June continues by sharing that her comfort level of door knocking has, in fact, become easier after knocking on several doors. She feels more at ease and the majority of us do not realize we give up way to quick! When you want to achieve something you have to keep at it like June to reach the level of success.

I just want to share this to June and to all of you, I personally wanted to achieve at door to door sales because I knew it had growth and potential. I also had the benefits of being in control of what I wanted to sell and with who I wanted to sell to. By creating that I could always have a place where I could go out and feed my family. When times got tough at first I was able to see others who were successful in my company. I started with the original Vivint which was Apex and before that I was doing energy and natural gas contracts for Direct Energy. I tried different types of sales. Now I am getting into Solar and so much more! I feel it’s a blessing I get to surround myself with like-minded individuals. I feel blessed that I can surround myself with the right kinds of people and am honored and blessed to be able to mentor and teach all over the world. June what I recommend you do is that you monitor what’s working and what’s not. Implement new strategies, techniques when knocking on doors. Surround yourself with people who are like-minded who are going out there for the sales. Every day you start with zero sales! Build that hunger. You have to be hungry to get your sales, but remember you must do it right. When I knock on a door at the end of the day all I think about is how can I get this person to trust me and build that relationship so they can allow me to share and educate them about my product. This is why I do not have a set pitch! I usually just transition to “hey how’s it going?

June shares she struggles with the opener pitch and says a suggestion is to open with icebreakers. When you first knock on a door they might not want you there because you’re a typical sales person but bring this up to them, let them know your time is of value as well. Tell them “I don’t have much time,” and give them your business card. Let them know you have just about thirty seconds before they head out to go into what you have to offer. You have to learn how to verbally communicate with customers. The first thing you have to learn is when they reject you, learn to agree and come back with a quick question! “Quick question, so I can take some notes what part of the product displeases you or doesn’t appeal to you so I can take it back to the office.” Verbally communicate, verbally sparring with the customer because they will then realize that they do not know too much about the product or what it has to offer. They will then be educated and will look at you and your services in a different way.

June says that many times she has hit the hot spots but customers are still hesitant about buying. This is because you have a perceived value of what you have to offer and of how you sold the customer into the service and or product. The reality June is that if they haven’t purchased the product it is because you didn’t do a good enough job in getting them to understanding the product and its value. That quick question! “What parts said, wow that would be awesome to have that.” And some customers will say, “not much.” Giving customers the opportunity to be opened to the possibility! Take pest control, for example, you have kids and there are scorpions around where you live, is it not a good idea to have a safety and preventative measure where your kids will not get hurt by a scorpion. The problem is that you’re not open to the possibility that’s going to happen. Have you ever seen a scorpion in your property, outside, do your kids go outside and play?   Get them to envision the outcome and preventative measures in their minds. Build the excitement for the product.

Thank you, June for the email.

God bless you all and catch up with you in the next post.

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