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054: Unlock A Seven Figure Income And Learn How To Unleash Your Potential

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When speaking to you “The Fans” I hear big dreams and aspirations.

In this podcast we unleash that inner beast that’s hidden which will help unlock something that’s holding you back.


  1. Love the cussing. A much more real vibe of get shit done from this one. Thanks for all you do Paul.

    • Thanks man and ya I realized I have to come out of my shell more… I don’t like to cuss believe it or not but when i speak about success and business, in my mind that’s what i do to propel me forward… You rock … thanks F this hahahahahaha

  2. And yes your program is worth a couple 1000 easy Paul. I’m also a Grant Cardone University student. Made $110,000 this year alone during the summer from D2D sales.

    • That’s bad ass brother Grants shit is awesome that’s for sure… Its not deep into the door to door. I know you are a closer because you invest like me into your knowledge. We live into a time now where we can get exactly what we want by following the exact people that know what we need to know… Thanks for being a member from my family to yours, its a blessing …. RISE of the door knockers !! BOOOM ! hope to meet you one day

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