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4 Tips to Close More Sales Selling Door to Door

P, G, FU, K! What…?! Don’t worry its not what your thinking! These are actually acronyms for four tips on how to close more sales door to door. Selling door to door demands skills that are only developed with time. Improve your results and increase your sales by following these four tips and be the first to see the turnaround to all your past failures!

1. P stands for partner! Ever feel demotivated? Well one of the answers is to go out door to door with a partner. Working with someone short term will bring your moral up and you wont feel alone out there. I highly recommend it for the first five to ten doors. Start partnering up with someone and you will obtain powerful mood boosters. Also, it is important that you are time conscious and are aware that you will have to split all earnings in half if you make sales together while going door to door. This is why I highly recommend partnering for a short period of time.

2. G which stands for goals! Have you been setting your weekly or monthly goals? If you are setting goals are you taking them seriously? You have to bring goals into the equation. You need something to achieve and expectations to meet. When you start making goals and calculations on how much you want to make, how many doors you want to knock, or simply how many sales you expect to close, then, you will start working towards reaching those goals. Your motivation will increase because you have set standards for your company, your business and you will know where to begin. At the end you will undoubtedly improve your overall numbers in sales and of course you will be enjoying yourself during the process.

3. What is this FU? It stands for fun! Simply make it fun, have fun, be fun when knocking on doors. There’s nothing more rewarding than working for something more than just money. A great way of having fun while going door to door is by challenging yourself, to drive yourself towards a different purpose that does not focus on making money only. That’s the method I have been using. In turn, your customers will see, they’ll feel your passion and drive so they’ll eventually want to buy what you have to offer. Enthusiasm can go a long way when making or closing a deal. It can bring forth positive energy into the room that will help uplift mostly all moods and will definitely gain attention. This can also be a great way to have fun.

4. Finally, the K stands for knock early! You won’t believe the amazing results from knocking on doors earlier during the day, before everyone else. The first and most important sales of the day can be made on just the first two doors you knock and that’s because people are most likely to buy from you before anyone else has even touched their door. Consumers will see your dedication and willingness to make sales early in the morning and will most likely buy your product. Your overall opportunities of closing a deal will increase.

So, are you willing to start practicing these tips and see how they work for you?

Remember the next time you go out knocking door to door bring your PGFUK train of thought with you and you will be sure to close sales. And you will have a rewarding experience during the process. This has sure worked for me, so don’t waste more of your time and start knocking up doors NOW!

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