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Wake up to a cup of coffee and start getting pumped for sales

It’s pedal to the medal time for my door knocking community. In order to be the best at anything you do in life, you are going to have to get drilled in your head that it’s going to start with your morning ritual. I so happen to have mastered door to door sales selling ethically and am here to bring out all I learned along the way and dump it on you.

Most door knockers start because they got a new job, and they need money. Honestly… Does that sound like you? Regardless of your reason as to why you decided to sell, you need to be true and real to yourself. Every darn morning you are going to wake up with some reason as to why life sucks. I don’t care who you are or how much money you have. I can teach you how to sell more systems, whatever you sell however if you don’t realize what you are doing wrong, no education will ever get you closing more sales. Ask yourself, this morning when you woke up how wonderfully did you feel. Until you understand door-to-door sales is mainly a mind game it’s going to be hard for me to show you just exactly how the process looks from start to finish. Lately I really thought to myself where I need to focus on most. I found out that the majority of you have been yourself up so much that every day you wake up, every door you knock on, you are almost 100% certain that you know the outcome, Which is not interested and they don’t want it. This is the problem. Today I’m going to fix that.

When you wake up in the morning from here on out I’m going to need you to identify how you feel. Understand that in the beginning when you don’t have the money or the life you expect, What your body and mind are telling you is that I’m not comfortable with where I’m at. The reason you feel this way is because you were set out to be so much more than what you currently have and are today. Without the feeling you’re going to want to day-to-day basis you would not even be knocking on doors fighting ethically to get sales. I’m here to tell you that with this simple exercise I’m about to show you, you can change things around today.

The alarm clock goes off in the morning. You wake up you’re tired because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. You had three coffees from Starbucks, two monster drinks and your jacked up on caffeine. Day one that’s fine, but I need you to start realizing that I’m going to want to burn you out mentally in the next couple days. I want to get you so tired that you’re getting to bed nice and early, Not having any sleep problems, waking up and saying wow my life is finally on track to creating and becoming exactly what I wanted. If you have no clue about what you want to accomplish in life, I have very little respect for you if you are spending time partying. You need to start getting real with yourself on what’s more important and start prioritizing. We are in a different time and if you don’t get your bank account growing, work on a place that you can call home, here in the near future life is only going to get harder.

So now that you’re waking up earlier it’s time to start fueling your body with the proper nutrients it deserves. Drink a tall glass of water go out into the sun take a brisk walk or jog go to the gym, come home drink a healthy coffee getting rid of sugar and using raw honey instead. From when you woke up until this point I’m going to need you to start personally developing your mind. How powerful are you? How smart are you? How much certainty do you have that you were meant for so much more? The answer to all that is always right. Be careful how you answer it. Your actions that happen within your day all come from the personal motivation that you tell yourself every single minute of the day. When you find yourself getting negative or any thought enters your mind as such, you need to dig deep into the positive thoughts and let that carry you through that day. I never said you’re going to close more sales by simply saying a few words or  using the magical phase.

I’m going to continue to coach you to success as a door knocker. Once you learn to master this not only will you be making more money from closing more sales ethically, but the person you become is well worth the battle. Keep reading my posts dig deep into the content, reach out to me for help watch all my videos, listen to my podcast and grab my complete d2d program when it opens up that will teach you the process to closing more sales. Understand that you need to know the process and have the motivation to get doing it every single day. That’s what it takes to become successful.

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