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Preparing for the next level mindset as a door to door salesperson

What’s up everyone?! Tonight I am going to be getting inside your mind! I want to embrace you in this one moment! I want you to think about excitement! process of closing those accounts? The technique, the skillset required to nail that deal! The excitement you have from day to day, being pumped the one day and waking up the next for cold calling or just picking up that phone with sheer and utter excitement will and can determine success! But there is one PROBLEM!!! That problem is when you wake up and have the one attitude that most people have! “Freak I have to go out and get a sale! I probably won’t get a sale today!” The day begins to drag and you begin to dread the day. You continue with self-doubt that you’re not going to get the sale, yet you cross your fingers hoping you would get a sale to pay the bills. I am telling you now that this mentality will be your kryptonite which will hold you back from actually accomplishing what you’re set out to do! Where did that excitement go? I will tell you, it disappeared because of self-doubt!

People in this industry get deals because they are going to find skill sets that are required to get those deals! One of those skillsets is setting your mindset for success from the start of your day to get those accounts. Have you ever heard of self-talk? Getting up in the morning, closing your eyes and saying to yourself, “I’m going to get those sales!” Get it in your mindset that you’re going to get the sale! Start of the day knowing the outcome and not relying on the what if! Know that you will be able to get the sale! Alter your mindset to think how excited you are going to be to get that sale. Get rid of the self-doubt that cripples you! I know its challenging because you hear of stories of people not closing deals, butPre one of the many reasons why they are not closing deals is the fact that they might not be consistent through the day with the positive mentality, the, “yes I will close an account,” attitude. You know that thinking, I am going to kill it, crush it! Have that cup of coffee and talk to yourself, talk yourself up! Build that confidence! Invest in items that will enhance your career.

A nice notepad, to help you feel the success! Why do you think the door to door salespeople in Utah appear with the rolled up sleeves, well groomed, they walk around like there the “shiz.” They go out there and close deals because they feel great! Find ways to make yourself feel great and remember to be an honest salesperson who goes out there and provides products that people need. If you are able to solve people’s problems for what they have and get their interest, you will nail that account. If you can show that potential customer that your product and services are a necessity for them they will gladly hand over money to you. So remember, you’re not crazy if you start your day with a little self-talk, a little motivation! And remember I am here for you too just check out my free three video series on door to door selling.

Love you all with passion! Remember to kill it, crush it today and to be filled with excitement.

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