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Top Reasons Your Not Closing As Many Sales As You Want

It Just Takes Time

Everyone learns at a different pace. Some people “get it” right away, while others it takes a little more time. For me i am a hands on learner. I get frustrated when i want something so bad, but i am not getting the result. I know first hand that i keep making the same mistakes over and over again until i finally get sick to my stomach of my old ways and just try something new. I’m very competitive and strict. My sales force always knows that i will be tough on them because upon hire i explain to them, i only build teams that want to be the best.

Being The Best

Not all of you want to be the best. Many would like to but are not willing to put the time, energy and money into educating themselves on being the best. I would say the majority of people who start selling door to door simply start with the mentality of “I’m going to try this out”. That my friend is a recipe for disaster. My personality just doesn’t let me settle for not winning. As we speak i had a horrible day, month, year trading stocks. As many of you may know this is my new venture that i really want to master. I have dedicated almost $30,000 to my trading account and in the current year wish to turn it into $100,000 in profits. The battle is not easy however i will fight to stay mentally focused and prepared for each days battle. I want to win at this game.

How You React

You go out, you don’t get a sale and life feels like it is the end of the world. I know, as much as you may think i don’t, i really do. You don’t have much money, your going to get kicked out of your house, debt is piling and much much more. Did i forget to mention the relationship issues ? This is a lot for anyone to handle. Know that you are not alone. Everyday you go out and your in panic to get a sale or your desperate, your going to find yourself doing worse than you expected. It’s not your fault, it really isn’t. Unfortunately its just the nature of how life is. These days things are getting more and more expensive and taxes are getting higher than ever that it leaves you with less. People who have very little money to start should almost always start off by selling in a summer sales environment with nothing but sales on their mind. Knowing that you have a place and all you have to focus on is going out and closing sales, helps with just this. Reach out to me if you are in this situation and would like to talk about a summer program with huge upside potential. Work on keeping calm because the last thing you need is getting desperate at the doors.

Your Wasting Time

When you go out to knock, how quick do you get to the first door? id say the most of you take more than 2 to 3 hours before you knock on that first door. Want to know how your day should look ? Here is how mine did. Get up, go workout, come home, eat healthy, shower, get to the meeting, and drive directly to turf and start knocking that first door. Do not stop until you get your first sale. At this point nothing , i mean absolutely NOTHING should be on your mind but closing your first sale.

Your Over Talking At The Doors

You want to get as many sales as you can, i get it, i really do. Over talkers like myself at the doors do not finish on top. Make sure you have questions in your mind that you ask in order to lock your client into engagement. If you over talk the main reason your doing this is because you are uncomfortable at the doors. You mind is telling you that if you can explain everything to them, they “might” see the value in what you are offering. This here is a topic of its own that i will write about in a follow up blog post because its so vital to your success. If you haven’t already gotten my Door To Door Mastery program that teaches you this step, wait or look out for the future post on this topic.

Having said all this, stay subscribed reach to to me for help. Figure out quick if your able to stick in with door to door sales. If the answer is yes, then for the wonderful lords sake, give it your all and go for the gold. This goes the same for me with day trading stocks. I will not give up until i loose too much and realize i have to try something else. God bless you , stay safe and let me know how i can help.

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  1. Hey, thanks. ..I went from the worst sells to top selling person. Now I need to maintain my achievements daily and continue being my very best every minute of every day, not just one or two hours a day – it’s lifestyle now.thanks

    • Patrick Thats so freaking awesome to hear. Ill say it in front of everyone. The main reason for your success is because you want it bad enough to push through the hard times in learning it. No one becomes a good door knocker without dedication, hard work and efforts ! Congrats .

  2. Love this program. I never did door to door
    Sales before I moved to NC from NYC. I love speaking to people because of this a rappor is started instantly. I have been doing this for a 2yrs now. Making sales but not to point of being in the top 10%. Paul you hand mention in one of your podcast that if your not making 100 or more per sale it’s going to be tuff or consider the company your working for. Also if the company your working for doesn’t have a good reputation in the community it’s not a good company. I’m looking to change companies any suggestions?

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