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Be Boring At The Door ! See How Far That Gets You. Time To Kick It Up A Notch And Learn The Truth.

Borrrrrrrrrrinngggggg ! yea thats not what this site is all about. You see as a blogger my intent is to capture my audience attention and get you to read on. This is no sign of trickery but just the way a blog should be. In order to understand what you should say and how you need to understand who you are targeting. Who is your potential customer ? You see with this blog I’m dealing with IMMACULATE sales reps that want to learn how to close more sales at the doors. If you already started doing door to door sales you will have already found out that we are a breed of our own. BORING is not what we are. Yesterday someone got drunk passed out and wrote on his roommates forehead The other day someone got 5 sales in a a day and bought himself a new car Tommy …

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Can Door Knocking Ever Get Fun… The Fears Revealed

How can door knocking be fun? If you go out there on a daily basis and keep getting rejected of corse its no fun. The key to take away from this blog post is… Door Knocking gets fun when your closing sales. Ever have a day where your getting rejected over and over again until you finally cross that sale ? yea it fun after all hey ! You need to understand that you have to be up for a challenge. The top sales people in the industry all go out hunting for their sale. Top sales people don’t hope a sale will come to them. If your new and you want to close more sales, get out of your mind that your new. Make door knocking fun by challenging yourself to go out and find that first customer. Who cares if your getting beat to the ground, know that …

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Intra Day Sales Self Motivation And Goal Setting

Your done selling for the day right? Did you achieve your sales goals? Lets be honest with ourselves here, you didn’t set concrete goals. Most door knockers tell themselves and the world that they are going to go out there and get a sale today. Under what basis are you judging this? The way you feel? Stop and think to yourself… How many times have you told yourself you were going to go out there and get a sale, came home with a 0 day? ITS OK …. I’m here to help and show you what you should be doing. Before you are super confident that you will be going out and closing a sale every single day you need to follow my simple formula. The first thing i teach in my Door To Door Mastery Program is setting up your goals. Here let me give you an insider on …

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