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Can Door Knocking Ever Get Fun… The Fears Revealed

How can door knocking be fun? If you go out there on a daily basis and keep getting rejected of corse its no fun. The key to take away from this blog post is…

Door Knocking gets fun when your closing sales.

Ever have a day where your getting rejected over and over again until you finally cross that sale ? yea it fun after all hey !

You need to understand that you have to be up for a challenge. The top sales people in the industry all go out hunting for their sale. Top sales people don’t hope a sale will come to them. If your new and you want to close more sales, get out of your mind that your new. Make door knocking fun by challenging yourself to go out and find that first customer.

Who cares if your getting beat to the ground, know that when you learn how to communicate your message, your going to close more sales.

There are two ways of looking at a sale.

One Way To Look At A Sale

I need to get a sale, so that i make money and provide for my family. Geez do i have bills to pay.

Second Way To Look At A Sale

I know there are plenty of people out there that want to do business with me because:

  1. I’m trust worthy
  2. I have an excellent product
  3. Im priced fair
  4. My product/service can add value to their life

Understand that their is no magic to sales. Sales is and art mixed with a sport. That sounds cool, a sport-art to say the least.

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