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Intra Day Sales Self Motivation And Goal Setting

Your done selling for the day right?

Did you achieve your sales goals?

Lets be honest with ourselves here, you didn’t set concrete goals. Most door knockers tell themselves and the world that they are going to go out there and get a sale today. Under what basis are you judging this? The way you feel?

Stop and think to yourself… How many times have you told yourself you were going to go out there and get a sale, came home with a 0 day?

ITS OK …. I’m here to help and show you what you should be doing. Before you are super confident that you will be going out and closing a sale every single day you need to follow my simple formula.

The first thing i teach in my Door To Door Mastery Program is setting up your goals. Here let me give you an insider on what your daily goals should look like to increase your odds of success.

#1 If you are not consistently selling 1 deal a day, your not at the level to where you can not knock full time. If you want to get good at passing a football, you can’t throw the ball around a few times a day and except to be the next big quarter back for the New York Giants. Perfect practice makes perfect. The #1 reason why sales reps fail is because they simply complicate the whole process and over talk. You want to focus on writing 1 sale a day. Here is what your goal should look like.

“I am going to get ____ sales before this time ______ then _____ sales before this time ________”

When i was confident with 1 sale a day i set off to get 2 sales a day. Instead of saying i feel great and I’m going to get 2 sales today, i said this ….

Im Going to get my first sale before 2pm then i will focus on getting my second sale between 4pm and 9pm.

Now all door knockers know that there minds tend to wonder off during the day. Lets face it, we all tend to want to quit when the going gets tough. It is the top sales people that fight through this battle. Top sales people track where they are at in the day and say ok i still have 30 min to hit my first goal, I’m going to push myself that much harder to get it so that i can get my second one on time.

You think this would work ? try it with utmost confidence. Every professional athlete plays mind games with themselves. The key to their success is that momentum and push. Wonder how people close 10 – 15 sales in a day or two? its experience and the ability to push, push push through. Top sales people are typically persuasive confident people. If your not confident just quite yet, do not worry i was there you will achieve this after time.

So you go home, then what ? Yea feel bad because you didn’t get a sale. Trust me i know there is nothing i can say that will make you better when you feel this way. Your a sales Champ ! What i will tell you is this…. If your reading this blog and you are digging through my articles to try and learn this stuff, I’m more than confident your going to more than likely master the art of door to door sales. Its not rocket science. When it clicks, it just clicks…. Don’t Give up on yourself, be smart with your money! Know what your working towards, and lastly aim for a sale a day minimum selling door to door.

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