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Be Boring At The Door ! See How Far That Gets You. Time To Kick It Up A Notch And Learn The Truth.

Borrrrrrrrrrinngggggg ! yea thats not what this site is all about. You see as a blogger my intent is to capture my audience attention and get you to read on. This is no sign of trickery but just the way a blog should be. In order to understand what you should say and how you need to understand who you are targeting. Who is your potential customer ?

You see with this blog I’m dealing with IMMACULATE sales reps that want to learn how to close more sales at the doors. If you already started doing door to door sales you will have already found out that we are a breed of our own. BORING is not what we are.

  1. Yesterday someone got drunk passed out and wrote on his roommates forehead
  2. The other day someone got 5 sales in a a day and bought himself a new car
  3. Tommy doesn’t show up to work because he can’t seem to get to bed early
  4. Steven is crying in a corner because he hasn’t got a sale in a month
  5. Bradley wants to sell a ton today but said he won’t come in.

hahahahaha sound familiar ? our personalities are so up and down for the most part that we wonder why were not selling consistently. Let me break this down to you.

  1. Your like this because sales is a mental game. You sell one you get excited and want to quit because you feel the sense of accomplishment. 
  2. You sell one and you go to grab another one but can’t get it and get frustrated and go home.
  3. The next day your praying you get a sale. 

This up and down emotions are what is causing you to bot be consistent. When you stop and take a breather and really think of the logic behind what determines whether or not you will get a sale, its simpler than you think. Homeowners don’t just all say no in one area and yes in another. They also don’t say no to one person because they are that person and yes to the top sales person because they are the top. Until you understand that the top sales people are doing something you aren’t, your going to struggle. Many times what your doing wrong has nothing to do with your pitch at all, but the way you present yourself, carry yourself and more importantly TELL YOURSELF !

If this whole week you did nothing but focus on getting a sale when you are on turf, your more than likely going to get more sales than you ever did in a week. Emotion carries and drives motion. When your on top of the world your really cruising to get a sale quicker than you think.

Lately i have been getting more and more AMAZING stories to tell about my Door To Door Mastery Members area about how successful my students are becoming instantly after watching the videos. The reason this happens is because the education but more importantly the confirmation that you are doing the right thing. When you know without a doubt that what your doing is right, you do it with more emphasis and predominantly you try harder. Its not magic and trust me when i say this ! ANYONE CAN DO IT ! 

In my closing statement i want to say this. Knock every door like it is your last. Push yourself to feel the emotion of not getting a sale by the end of the day. If that feeling hurts then your going to sell a ton. If your ok with coming home without a sale then trust me, you need to change your beliefs or door knocking is simply not going to work out for you. I challenge you to follow what i say to the tee and maximize your sales potential. Unleash the sales person within to mastery the art of door to door sales.

Join Today My Unlimited Streaming Video Mastermind Membership area. I break everything you need to know to close more sales selling door to door. If your not certain about it or have questions just reach out and email me, ill be glad to respond.

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