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How To Tell If Your Customer Is Listening To You

As I write this. I get flashbacks to the thousands of accounts I sold and all the things customers did to try to close the door on me. If your anything like me, your probably frustrated from this. So why are people so against doing business with you and how can we tell. People are not wanting to do business with you because the nature of the scenario. Door knocking is a cold call where you knock on the door and a random stranger is standing at the door. Let’s face it, no one wants to hand over money to a stranger. Knowing this, we have to focus on building the relationship. Most sale people who fail just pitch and keep talking hoping they will get the customer to say ok. Clearly this does not work. This is also not to say that door knocking doesn’t work, or is difficult. …

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Learn How To Start Talking Your Customers Language !

I don’t means English, Spanish or French ! I’m talking what they want to hear. How do you find out what they want to hear ? Or how about who wants to hear what ? The answer is in this blog post. Recently I had a student ask me to correct his pitch. He sells cable, satellite and phone service through Comcast. After breaking down what he was saying I noticed it wasn’t what he was saying however it was the angle he was looking at it all from that was wrong. Let me explain. He along with many others always tell me that their internet connection that they are selling is 100000000% faster than the one that their potential customer is currently using. Is that a good thing ? absolutely however let me get your minds on the right track┬áso that you can see things through my vision. When …

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