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Knowing Your Potential Customer | Learn How To Not Sell Everyone?

Learn To Walk Before You Run

When your new to door to door sales you number one goal in your mind is to close sales. Any hockey player would tell you the first thing they think of when landing on the ice for the first time is scoring a goal. Can you score a goal before learning to skate? Can you make a sale without learning to sell? When referring to sales, yes you can however your chances of closing more sales and being at the top is slim to none if you don’t learn what the people at the top are doing.

Who Is Your Target Audience

I know you want to make a sale, but before you focus on making a sale i want you to consider who is your targeted audience you are trying to sell? Depending on what you are selling, your audience will be different. Another major factor in determining who you will sell is your personality type. If you are a social person, perhaps looking for people who like to talk maybe a better fit for you than people who are direct and straight to the point. In my many years closing sales i have to say i enjoyed the people who loved to communicate with me more than the straight to the point people. One thing to keep in mind is that a sale is a sale and i will never turn down a sale to a person who is stiff and straight to the point, however i know how to not be so bubbly when i talk to this type of potential person.

Selling Home Security Systems

If you are selling home security systems door to door, your more than likely going to be wanting to look for the home owner. Many people waste so much time on the doors talking to people who aren’t there potential customer. If the person you are talking to is not the homeowner and the rules at the company you are selling for is homeowners only, be nice, say thank you for your time and move forward. The quicker you leave one door, the faster you make it to the next potential customer.

What To Do When Dogs Are Barking

There have been many times i knock on a door and people have there dogs barking loud right beside them, not caring. When i used to sell starting off i would raise my voice louder to attempt to make the sale. A secret tip and trick for you is, when you get this scenario, speaker lower, not powder, real low so that they say sorry i can’t hear you. I would then go on to saying sorry for that, and be very mellow. Screaming or not respecting your time and your offer is not worth your time. Never be rude, as i am not but if they are standing there and willing to talk to you, you have the ability to take control of the situation or else you will not enjoy what you do. Another thing i would tell these homeowners is , sorry if you don’t mind it really will just take a minute to explain what were doing in your neighborhood did you mind stepping out. This works more times than you think. When i teach door to door sales i always teach, the customers respect is the first thing you have to respect. If they are not willing to work with you by letting their dogs or distractions out of the way while they talk to you, then they more than likely will not buy what you have to offer.

Top Sales People

The top sales people do not sell every door they knock on. There was a time where i was selling 1 in every 3 homes i talked to. After many years of experience and a decent economy i found my self closing deal after deal completing 10 alarm sales in 1 day, with only 1 canceling. In order to get good you need to understand that being pushy is not the way to sell, instead learn the first step which is understanding your potential customer, do not skip doors, talk to everyone and when you find the potential customer who engages with you, give it your all.


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