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I Hope I Get A Sale Today ! Sound Familiar ? Read This Post Twice…..

Today i want to teach you a common problem and give you the solution. Do you sell each day hoping your going to get a sale that day ? I know i did. When i was new each day i was going out into the field landing on turff hoping today would be the day that i would get a sale. Sure i closed sales before but why was it i was always hoping instead of knowing.

This happens and is normal, however im going to teach you how you can stop doing this and start closing more sales knowing instead of hoping.

First lets understand why ! If you are new you probably don’t have a ton of sales under your belt. you may even be struggling to be consistent. This leads to a sales depression of hope and fear. I remember dreaming that i got 5 sales in a day, only to wake up and be pissed off that it wasn’t true. What are these signs telling me ?

Well when we focus on “hope” were not all there in what we “should” be doing. I know i know your newer and your not so experienced to know what you “should” be doing, however know that each door you knock on, whether you get a sale or not, you are gaining more and more knowledge, getting more and more stronger.

If you get a sale you feel great and you now believe you can do it. If you don’t get a sale, know that if you knocked on 30 doors that day, that you jut gained 30 doors of experience.

There comes a plank where you “Just Get It” Yes believe it or not, im sure you were told this but it really is true. “The Click” it just clicks. When you get this, all you need to focus on is, waking up excited and going out and just doing it daily.

Most sales people don’t make it to this point, why ? because like i teach in my first few videos in the members area, they just don’t plan out there motive for doing door to door. If you don’t skip out this step, and actually stick in with it, you bound to master it no matter who you are ! Understand that im not just saying this, i mean it because i trained thousands of door knockers in my career and just know the same old pattern i see over and over.

The ones that make it, hence stick in with it are the ones that really love and enjoy what they do. Yes the uncomfortable feeling you may have at the door does go away eventually. Always remember respect the door your knocking on, but dont be a push over !

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  1. Keep on writing and chgguing away!

  2. Your articles enails & videos are Great!!! Been in sales over 20years.. my biggest challenge consistency.. this brings on lack of funds. Thanks for the reminder of focus…leave your Challenges @ your and solve theirs at their door makes you .!! Thanks Tim

    • Your very welcome Tim, happy your loving it.. I learned this from pounding thousands of doors. There will people who want what you have to sell, you just have to grab attention, show them why they should not live another day with benefiting from what you are offering, and grow balls to get in and close that DILL PICKLE YO ! BOOOM.

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