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Curiosity Selling, How To Use It To Your Advantage…

If you have been following my teachings, and watching my FREE video series then you should be well informed that the idea of your opener pitch is to create curiosity. Most sales reps do a wonderful job explaining what there product is and how how much the customer has to pay, however they spill the beans way to quick without creating curiosity. For you men out there, why is it many women make you wait before you get ……. lets not go there 🙂 I’m sure you know what I’m talking about LOL ….

The truth is today more than ever we are curious about the unknown. Selling with the power of curiosity was how i was able to really turn the roles around ! before i learned

1) What i should be creating curiosity in

2) How to properly Do it 

I found myself getting “Not Interested, but thank you”

Sound familiar ? well listen up !

In your opener pitch you want to create curiosity in what you are doing at the door, who you are, and what you represent. Notice how i said what you represent. Do not spill out off the bat who you are and what company you represent. I know you want to do this so that you can right away feel better that the customer does not think you are some scam artist. Ask yourself, ARE YOU ? know this, own it ! if your a scam artist get the F&C* off this blog and go get a job. For the rest 🙂 know that you are not doing anything wrong by being at their door, again so long as you got your permits and are following the laws. When you truly understand this, this will boost your confidence to take more control at the door and be the sales person you want to be ! TOP LEVEL ! 

If you told them who you are and what company you represent off the bast then they already have an idea, that your selling something, along with it confirming there thought they had about who just rang their door bell, before they opened the door. I explained this in detail in a seminar i gave to a group of door to door sales people. Click here to get the video if you haven’t already seen it.

You want your customer interested in who you are and what you represent. Many times as I’m doing this i get customers ask me “Sorry Who Are You ?” this is perfect ! this is what i want ! this is your ticket why ?

Well now instead of them telling you not interested off the bat, they just invested a few minutes into communicating with you and getting interested in “what you have to say” hence they stay with you at the door. Know that as i always teach, door to door sales is a step by step process. If you thought you have to build curiosity in your product off the bat, your 100% wrong. Curiosity in who you are and what you represent will allow you to later build curiosity in what you are selling. Match that up with an amazing offer, and a reason for them to do business with you today and you are golden and in the green !

So how do you properly do this ?

“Hey Mr/mrs X” i noticed you have a tree right there in front of your yard, was that something you guys were going to keep there or perhaps build a garden around it ?

It may seem crazy and that example might be a little far stretched however, it works ! reason being is , what sales person cares about a tree being there or garden ? now i got the customer thinking what the heck, who is this guy and what is he trying to do with my tree !

here is another example.

You: “Hi, You Own the home here right? ” 

Customer: Ya Why ? 

Well I’ve been talking to a lot of your neighbors and a lot have been saying that the electricity company out here has been raising the price very often ? is this true ?

Even if you aren’t selling solar or what not, be curious or pick things that previous home owners have been telling you, why ? it makes you a normal human being caring about the neighborhood instead of some sales guy who just gets to the point only to get “not interested”

As i teach in the members area your goal is to be different ! If you sound just like the last 100 people who knocked on there door, well your going to get the exact same results as the last 100 sales people ! “NOT INTERESTED”

Me personally you can throw me anywhere, any neighborhood i don’t care, i will pick out my customer and close that sale, why ? because

1) I know I’m different

2) I know Im doing everything Legal

3) Im confident

4) Im comfortable being at the door

That is your recipe for success selling door to door making a six fugue income, year after year if you learn my teachings and implement them. Get good at it by wathicng every video i ever put out, read every blog post i ever write, and make sure to always implement and come back and re read, as this will help you close more sales selling door to door.

Get all you need, the complete details, join the community and be a success, be there now !

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  1. Do you have any solar specific programs?

    • NO need. Its not industry specific. Thats where sales reps go wrong. You need to learn how to deal with emotions and customers at the door. Keep it consistent by knocking longer then others who are not getting it to click and register. Our minds are powerful tools. Most of you will fail out there because you dont believe you will actually get it… Thats the prime reason i lock you in with the tools to succeed. You need to implement!

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