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Humbled Door Knocker but Not Limited and Capped

What’s up everyone?! Paul Shakuri here with another door to door mastery! We are going to openly discuss everything about what you need to know about being humbled and on how to increase your sales while being humbled. Excitement and motivation! Do you have these two qualities while knocking on doors? Both of these go hand in hand, but most importantly they are connected with humbleness and gratitude. I will tell you how just keep reading!

First off, I want to discuss gratitude. What does it mean to be grateful? What do you think it means? Just because I’m super grateful for what I have or where I’m at doesn’t mean it’s the end all. I am going to continually push myself and reflect back and think of all the positive things that I have created and the opportunities that others have given me to just be here. To start being more grateful for what you have, is to start thinking to yourself that if you didn’t have the things you have today, then WHAT WOULD YOUR LIFE LOOK LIKE? Reflect either at morning, night or noon about your life and what you can do today to take your business from where it’s at to the next level. I usually do it in the morning. That way at night I reflect on all the things that have to lead me up to who I have become today. Being a homeowner, having a family, being debt free, having many skills to manage and provide services for others. I
think if that was all taken away tomorrow what would that mean to my personal life? How would that change and impact my life? What if your family was taken away from you? I used to think that hasn’t happened to me and that’s just talking from some people. But I challenge you to build compassion and think if it were you. What if everything was taken away? It’s not until humans by default we lose something of importance to us that it begins to become more meaningful to us. Be grateful for your house, bed, food. The skills that you currently have, your significant other. The opportunity to go out there and make good money. Being able to wear clean clothes. Those are the things we take for granted. Think what if it were taken from you? Once you put all of these into your mindset you begin to develop gratitude, humbleness, and excitement for the opportunity to change lives. In turn, you
develop the motivation to get up and knock on doors.

You think, now let me develop more skills to help others develop into the same capacity that I have developed too. Cherish each moment and humble yourself. When you are a humble knocker you begin to see the customers in a different way. You begin to look at the potential customer as of someone who is of value to you. You think will this person benefit from what I have to offer? Can this person invest their time and their money to you? Can you actually help them with your services? You’re focused on taking care of the customer so they can better their future, there lives, there time. In return, your making money on that and it becomes an ongoing circle. So many people are fixated on handing money over just to give it to that person. For me, if there’s something I want to become successful in I want to become successful at a faster pace of time so I can develop the skills. If you’re not motivated or excited
to get up every day to knock on doors is because your wealth of knowledge isn’t great enough. I’m grateful for what I’ve created and what I have. But I’m not going to limit myself, instead, I’m going to take accountability. I’m going to be trustworthy, reliable and dependable.

This damage you have to be in the media and looked too as the specialist in that niche in that industry. So you better believe that creativity with marketing material and thinking outside the box of how you can keep contact with your customers is essential. With excitement, motivation, gratitude, and humbleness, this can be achieved. God bless you all! Make sure you study and learn this information! Live with passion and be grateful for what you have! Peace!

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