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How To Create Curiosity In Your Opener Pitch

I always like the say that the opener part of the pitch is the most important part of the pitch. it can get pretty discouraging to get rejected over and over again without progressing through your opener. If your constantly getting rejected without doing full out presentations then this article is for you.

When I first got started, I noticed that my pitch sounded so scripted. I was saying the same things over and over again until someone finally said YES ill take it. Although I believe this method doesn’t hurt in the short term, long term I want you to close more people speaking to less people so you can talk to more people and close more sales ! YES I SO TOTALLY just said that ! read it over and over again. All in all it means increasing your closing ratio. So how do we get people to want to listen and talk to us? Why do people reject us without letting us get further in the sale?

Progressing in a sale requires you to understand the complete overview of a sale. From start to finish how does a sale look like? When starting out, your not so experienced with this process, and that uncertainty reduces the confidence you hold at the doors. Many times I see my sales team shy away at taking healthy control of a sale because they feel like they are bothering the home owner at the door. Lets talk about this and how to overcome it.

The first thing I want you to think of is, are you being a pest? Do you know when enough is enough? You see when I was trained at the doors, my manager said to force your way into someones house and do whatever it takes to not leave and close that sale. Although that method works for some people, it sure didn’t work for me. I knew there had to be another solution. Over time I learned to develop a systematic method that worked the majority of the time. As all of it is taught in my Door To Door Mastery Program. To give you a piece of it, I realized people didn’t want to do business with me at the doors because the just weren’t interested in what I had to offer. When I went back to the office and seen that other people have gotten 3 sales , 2 sales , 1 sale, 5 sales … I started to ask myself “are people really not interested?” or was it something I was doing.

On my venture into the land of door knocking I started to realize people were telling me not interested because of the way I was talking to them. I sounded just like the last person who just showed up at their door. So this was my sign I had to be different. I had to come up with ways to correct my opener pitch and create curiosity at the door. Here was my solution:

  1. Be Assertive When They Answer The Door
  2. Have A Reason For Being There. Have It Make Sense
  3. DO NOT ASK “How Are You Doing”
  4. Stand Far From The Door
  5. Mirror Your Clients Tone
  6. Stand Sideways And Act Busy

The above is just a simple list of what I learned works. To understand how to do each of the above I have put together my complete door knocking Video Program over at Door To Door Mastery. Be assertive and know what your doing is not being a pest. Your there to lock in and engage with your homeowner. People who are weak and brittle at the door will get turned down and away. Homeowners will feel your energy. The more confident you are, the more control you take, the better your results will be. Eventually when you get good at taking healthy control of your opener pitch you should hold conversation and progress with 99% of your potential clients.

The ultimate goal is to get you closing more sales selling Door to Door ! Stop wasting time and grab all the videos, streaming live, Unlimited Door To Door Mastery.


  1. Paul, great set of tips for door knocking. We thought this post was so great we had to introduce it to our readers and the financial industry because tip #6 above was great. We actually featured it in our 50 page guide to door knocking, Keep up the great work by giving others helpful advice like the above!
    By the way we also featured your YouTube channel in the post, a TON of helpful videos for any sales professional going door to door prospecting.

  2. In step 3 you say ddon’t ask “how are you doing”, i have been taught to ask”hows your day going?” Should i stop withthat. Also ive signedup for the webinar butwill be in the field. Any way i can get a replay with the slides.

    • NEVER… nope… Now I say it sometimes and I catch myself saying oh shit … why did I say that… and correct it at the next door. Instead, be stern and say… “Hey…. you the owner of the property here?” and dive into your story … not pitch … there is a massive difference … again all taught in http://Masterd2d.com

  3. Awesome article Paul

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