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How prepared are you ? If you only knew

If you knew today you were going to find a hundred dollar bill on the floor of a mall, would you walk the mall ? I know I would. There is something about human behavior and reacting to what is known from the unknown.

Every day you go out to sell you have to be prepared. Pulling yourself out of bed 10min before you are supposed to head out is a simple way to setup a day of failure. How excited are you to get out and work on closing your first sale ? What does getting one really mean to you ?
For me getting a sale is like breathing again after a week long cold with congested lungs. Have you ever been so sick that it’s hard to breath because your just contested. When you get back to feeling better again and heal, you feel amazing. This is the way I feel every day I go out to sell. 
I have to get a sale, I’m going to get one, when I get one I shall be more relaxed. This is the kick start to my personal motivation. Keep in mind I’m looking for someone who can benefit from what I have to offer. Most bad sales people go out thinking they how they can trick a person into getting their product. If your wondering why your not closing more sales than you should, this can be a huge eye opener.
How hard are you talking to get the sale? Are you saying anything and everything to get the sale ? Would you believe that you can increase your sales by speaking less ? Yes. When I was in my prime I did it by simply being internal motivated but used my question based selling skills. My key was to find out if they could benefit from ,y product. If they could, my goal was to let them live it I their mind what taking my product would mean to their families lives.
This makes a great sales person. Be prepared ! 
Go out excited to find your first customer and don’t stop until you do. Rinse, and repeat. 

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