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Home Security Summer Sales And Year Round Sales Pitch


1)    Hey I sent one of my guys by from “YOUR COMPANY NAME” did they get in contact with you ? (right there you got the homeowners attention)

–       They will respond no 99% of the time. Even if they say yes just move on.

2)    The reason I stopped by is because there have been issues  with the false alarms, were you informed about that?

–       Again they will say no. At this point you have the customer’s attention. What you just did was shake them off their biased view that when you just rang there door bell that you were not just another salesman. Now that you got their interest they are in your hands… read on

At this point your opener is done and you are transitioning into your next step.

Step 2:

3)    My company is going to be out here correcting issues with the older alarms starting next week.

4)    What I am doing is looking for a few home owners that would be willing to help my company display a sign with our company logo and phone number displayed across it (give them the sign in there hand and point out the number and logo V.I.M.P don’t skip a step all is important).

–       You just explained to the homeowner what you are doing, but they don’t clearly see why. Remember the key to selling alarms is to make what you are doing clear to the homeowner. I’m talking crystal clear. The second it makes sense to them there is no real reason why anyone should not want the alarm. Now we need to make clear to them why we are doing what we are doing.

5)    The purpose of us putting that sign out is: when my sales reps are out here next week selling this new fix to the neighbors they will easily be able to have a few homes on the block to refer to by pointing to your sign. Does that make sense?

–       Make sure the last sentence is used “does that make sense?” do not move on to the next step until it makes perfect sense.

6)    What my company has done as an incentive for helping us advertise our sign in your yard is: pay to have a “EQUIPMENT BRAND”security system installed in your home. Does that make sense?

– Every time you say does that make sense and they seem hesitant, re explain your previous steps so it makes sense to them.

At this point they might come up with different things such as:

–       So you mean this is totally free

–       What is the monthly

–       That is too good to be true

–       What all do I get?

–       Oh…. O.k. sure ya go ahead put the sign up

–       Why me? I am still a little confused

You must be confident and revert their question back to the reason why you are giving them the system.

Remember the more you practice your pitch the smoother and better you will be at handling the objections.

Transition time, here is the end of step 2 and beginning of step 3

Step 3:

7)    How many doors do you have entering and exiting your house?

–       Here they will normally say two, not keeping in mind the 3rd door entering into the home from the garage. I use that scenario to my advantage like so:

B)   You have a door coming into your home from your garage right? They will of course answer yes. I then say… perfect it makes me feel more comfortable protecting that door for you in the case you leave your garage door open and a burglar comes in from that door.

C)   By the way is your back door a slider? That I need to take a look at and show you how we secure it.

–       That is a simple way of getting in a customers house. I normally explain to them that the back sliding glass door is where most break-ins occur in my opinion due to how secluded homes normally are in the back.

After explaining to the customer what exactly he/she will be getting and how it will work, he/she will now have built up value in what it is you are selling. This is a high point in your sale and you should be on your way to the close of the sale.

Now that they know what they are getting they need to know how much they are going to be paying and for how long. Remember there is no better time to through in the monitoring charge then now. The reason being is they will easily be able to justify how much they are paying for what they are getting. If it is fresh in there head that they are getting the equipment you just explained to them, including the lifetime warranty, free move, and free installation, there decision to get the alarm will be easier. My last pointer about this step is make sure you really learn how to explain how good the product works. Really up talk how the system works. The better you explain to them how it works and show them, the easier it will be for them to justify getting the alarm.

So the last step 4: (Closing the sale)

This is the easiest best part of the sale.

So what time will you be home tomorrow ? They will respond normally ummm after 3 pm. You never want to immediately respond “ok perfect” or “ok that’s great” right away. Instead stop think for a second and even say “hmmmm after 3 hey ? . . . . well let me check with the office to see if we have a slot available after 3, lets go sit at your table to I can get some basic info from ya”.

Done congrats you made the sale from there you are writing up paperwork and getting the customers scheduled in for there install.

My friends I warn you this job is an addiction. The more you surround yourself around sales all-stars, the better you get and the more money you make. Here at door to door mastery your learning opportunity is endless. Remember you are what you make of yourself. Happy selling and I cannot wait to meet you.


  1. Awsome detail in your explination!!! I wish you were my trainer many years ago.
    Even though I am not in security sales I can apply the ideas you gave in your explination to my canvassing and sales work.

    • It would be my pleasure to guide you through the door knocking jungle ! It’s a battle to learn it but when you do, boy does it pay and it becomes simple

  2. Is there a tweak for a take over pitch?

    • Wilson I hate takeovers personally. There are people that only focus on this. My advise is to focus on new business and don’t get caught limiting the number of doors you can talk to. I remained the top sales person in my office doing nothing but new accounts. Sorry can’t help on take overs. I must say a cliche thing is the most I made on a sale is on a take over. A lady had a problem with her back door her local mom and pop shop didn’t want to come out to repair it free after she paid $3,000 for it , yes huge home. Had to switch all equipment out to Honeywell she wanted that over the no name crap that was in her house !

      • Somehow this sequence does not make sense to me. What happens when the homeowner figures out they were fooled? And do you knock on every door in the development or do you pick and choose?

        • First off why is it you are fooling a homeowner? If you read my blog i teach ethical sales practice not trickery. The average sales person only cares about their commissions and hence wonders why they can’t sell. Look money is a lot if not the main reason why we chose to do door to door sales, but you also have to back up what your selling. Presenting your products ethically comes down to what type of person you are. Anyone at my organization caught lying, cheating or stealing is let go immediately. I have a 0 tolerance for that crap. Dan, don’t complicate it my man. Knock on doors, work on getting people interested in what you have to offer, stay positive and make great money selling what you love ! its simple, but not easy ! Hope this helps shift the mindset.

          • I know you said you weren’t fooling the homeowner but did you send someone by and are there really issues with false alarms in the area. I’ve always had trouble selling because I see things as black and white. I would love to get an understanding and help with this. Thank you.

          • Me personally I have 100s of knockers that I send by throughout. Also, yes many old alarms have false alarm issues. If a homeowner allows us to correct that, yes indeed we are correcting those issues.

          • Dedra very good question. People ask me for my pitch and to be honest , there should not be a pitch because we over analyze them and think this is what we have to say to get a sale. Not the case. Keep in mind I have 100s of door knockers so yes I do send them by, for me this is not a lie. If it’s not the case with you don’t say that. Ask if they seen your company logo, or if they seen your company technician trucks in the neighborhood. Never lie.

  3. My local company doesn’t have any signes yet. Is there a alternative?

  4. So you give them price at the end, which I understand but I’m sure with this example the customer will be thinking it’s free the whole time because you’re telling them it is because they are marketing are company but I don’t see how there would be a positive response even if you mark up the value so well in step 3. How do you overcome a customer saying wait I thought this was all free and wouldn’t cost me anything or so I see their is a cost and you just didn’t tell me this until the end?

    • Hey Harvey so here is where most people go wrong, they say its free and at the end pop the price in .. That’s not the right way to do it… That’s how I did it when I got started because I was taught that however 1) its Unethical and 2, your right they get pissed and it builds the sour taste in their mouth … So whats the answer ?? here it is..

      Customer: wait wait wait, before we go any further, HOW MUCH IS IT ?????

      You: Thats a great question, and it all depends on what type of product suits your needs. Let me ask you this…. What would be your main concern, X, Y, or Z ???

      Customer: Naw… Im not INstersted…

      You: in ???

      Customer: Whatever your selling …

      Me: hahahahahahahaha, see the issue ? its that they don’t care to talk to you for some reason … now this is one scenerio, another is they let you proceed in buioding cvalue and this I get way more often then none…

      I build the value, attach the price and get paid well as a professional to ethically do it.

      How can I quote someone without find out out their needs..

      Look grab http://Masterd2d.com and learn this all for yourself without coming home not getting paid. You deserve it, invest in you and forever feed yourself… Fisherman …

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