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Home Security Summer Sales And Year Round Sales Pitch

OPENER PITCH: 1)    Hey I sent one of my guys by from “YOUR COMPANY NAME” did they get in contact with you ? (right there you got the homeowners attention) –       They will respond no 99% of the time. Even if they say yes just move on. 2)    The reason I stopped by is because there have been issues  with the false alarms, were you informed about that? –       Again they will say no. At this point you have the customer’s attention. What you just did was shake them off their biased view that when you just rang there door bell that you were not just another salesman. Now that you got their interest they are in your hands… read on At this point your opener is done and you are transitioning into your next step. Step 2: 3)    My company is going to be out here correcting issues with …

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