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Getting Comfortable Knocking Is All About These Things Talked About…

So you want to get comfortable selling door to door eh …… yea so im Canadian and i popped in an eh …. did you know when i used to get dropped off in a van all the Americans would literally say “Canadian” and laugh for 20 min ? hahahahah thought i would bring that up as an emotion breaker …. look i need you to relax and soak up these articles I write ! they work ! but what you need to understand is you need to stop over analyzing everything because that is the #1 killer that is slowing you down from succeeding at a quicker pace.

So how do you get comfortable selling door to door?

  1. Repetition is Key
  2. Proper Education
  3. Dont be a desperate seller

Repetition is Key

How new are you at selling door to door? The first thing I hear from door to door sales people is, well i have been selling for 20+ years ! my answer ?

“Great don’t care ! how new are you to door to door ?”

“Well I sold for my church 15 years ago, or I sold newspapers 10 years ago !”

Until you understand that door to door sales is a different animal altogether, that’s when you will realize that you have to hit the doors, door after door so that you can get comfortable in your door knocking shoes. If you are recently new to door to door sales you have to keep knocking ! do not be frustrated with all the people who tell you they are not interested. Think of yourself as a soccer sniper, you’re looking for that one goal that can win you the game ! when you hit that ball and you see it open, one goal can really win the game. I know it is frustrating going out and not selling anything, but over sales, focus on your skill level. Know that with each door you knock on, the more advanced and better your getting without even knowing it. The drop off rate for door to door sales people are extremely high ! the reason this is trust is because they cannot withstand the rejection at first, only to know that if they would have stuck in with it, eventually they will master it ! People that master door to door sales are the people who stick in with it long enough to learn it. The length of time it takes to really get good at door to door sales depends on the person themselves. What i have found with my door knocking students is, the ones that don’t over think things and just go out there and focus on that perfect setup i talk about in my Mastery Program learn quicker, and close more sales.

Proper Education

What is proper education? well like anything you do you need to learn what you’re doing. If you have errors in what you’re doing, do you not refer to a manual or videos on YouTube to try to figure things out ? That’s probably why your here. Many people just give up too quick and tell themselves they cannot do something and that is why ultimately the get that exact result of failure. I’m not the best person when it comes to grammar, heck i failed english and barely passed it on my final test in high school. Does that mean life is over ? NO ! relax get the proper education you need to know the basics then slowly better yourself ! Get in attack mode to get pumped up to learn every day in the field. I know this is easier said then done but so is anything we do in life. If you don’t have the passion and drive to be the best, and by the best i mean your best ! your more than likely not going to put the time and efforts into proper educating yourself. Make no mistake proper education does not mean over analyzing. Learn why your potential customers are not actual customers. Why are they not buying ! When you know this, you can come up with a solution as to what you can do to fix the problem. If you don’t even know the problem how are you going to come up with the solution ? Make Sense ?

Don’t Be A Desperate Seller

Desperate people do desperate things ! I’ve seen it all. I recall getting phone calls from customers saying one of your sales reps asked for food because they didn’t make enough money selling door to door ! really ? Average sales rep at that time was making over $1000 a week. That was the average sales person ! so why is it this person would always be below average ? Why is it this sales person always was struggling ? well we got rid of “This Person” quick ! you don’t go and ask for food from a customer nor do you ever let yourself be desperate to the point where your giving away the world in order to make a buck ! this may sound crazy but i walk away from customers who are asking way too much even if i were to still make a little money. The reason is, i turn myself into a powerful negotiator by knowing my limits ! When paychecks were coming in such at $5,000-$8,000 per week, rest assured i was not desperate at the doors 🙂 what was crazy was the way i talked was that of non desperation. I didn’t need to wait until i grew my business to that level in order to get that confident, however knowing that i had money in the account always because i put $50,000 aside, helped comfort me ! Comfort is key ! how do you get there ? repetition and everything i talk about on a weekly basis on this blog.

If you want to get good selling door to door you got to learn the ropes. Get comfortable knocking and the sales will come. Focus on getting new customers and not making money. When your thinking of the money, you’re not thinking of the customer and the customer will see that and not want to do business with you. If you did nothing but look for customers that can actually benefit from what you have to offer, you should see your sales increase. Picture yourself as a walking flyer that is attempting to create interest and when you do, be that best darn flyer with the best graphics and the highest quality of print !

I seriously mean it from the bottom of my heart ! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to get better and allowing me to be your coach. If you want more tips, info and on-screen videos join my community of door knockers all learning how to close more sales selling door to door in my door to door mastery program.

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