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Confidence ! The Single Most Powerful Trait For A Salesperson To Have

What makes a salesperson good? is it the ability to sell a ton of accounts? Is it the ability to show up to work on time? Or is it the ability to manage a team of sales reps and bring them to the victory. In this post I’m going to talk about what makes a sales person a top notch representative for the company they represent.

Most people in the door to door industry feel as thou in order to be the best they simply have to outsell everyone. This to a certain degree is true however what most people who have been in the business for a while would tell you, its not about how many accounts a sales rep brings in, its the number of clean accounts a seller gets. What is a clean account and how does it relate to seller confidence?

Top sales people in the industry are the people who can go out there, into the field day after day and turn knocking on doors into a marathon. The ultimate goal for every sales person in their career is to build a name for themselves, close as many deals as they possibly can , then build a large team underneath them and take them to victory. Many people start off selling thinking energy and excitement is all they need, only to find themselves getting burnt out after their first 4 months of selling. The two very different types of door knocking programs are seasonal and year around. To help make things easier i break down the two:

Seasonal Selling: This method of sales tends to be most common for college, university  students who are looking for work only in the 4 months of summer. What happens is, in the summer when they are out for school, they go to work in a different state, country and sell as many deals as they can in the 4 months that they are allowed to work, selling door to door. Typically companies will set these sales reps up on a sliding scale, meaning the more sales they make in the time period allotted the more money they will make on every sale. Later on in other articles i will get into backend checks and more.

Year Around: Unlike the seasonal program, year around programs are simply all year long. With this method, sales reps are selling all throughout the year. Depending on the company with year round programs, companies incentivize sellers to sell more accounts by giving bonuses for selling more accounts in any given quarter, week, month or year.

The typical mistake i see, coming from a person who has sold both summer and year round, is thinking these two programs are the exact same. If you have ever done a summer program you will know that long hours 6 days a week is doable because your only doing it for 4 months and then you have 8 months off. With the year round program you still must fight to push as many accounts as you can, but you must have the survivor mentality to really make it throughout the year, year after year.

With both methods of selling, what is the common denominator that determines whether or not a sales rep will become successful and make a lot of money selling door to door?

Confidence. Without this life can be very difficult. Stop and think about it. From the partner your with to the sports team you play on, without confidence closing that deal is just a thing that might happen. Closers are people who are confident in what they sell. Some people start off with a high level of confidence at the doors while others are timid and afraid. When coaching my clients i tend to dig deep into why they feel timid and uncomfortable and the reason i get is fear. Indirectly when you fear:

1) what your doing

2) what people will say at the door

3) whether or not you will get a sale

your setting yourself up for failure. Often times i get asked if i believe that door knocking is not for everyone. My answer to this is it is up to you. I was a guy who thought that i would never get confidant at the doors, i would never feel comfortable at the doors. I had fixed beliefs when i got started that other people who were doing well were people who could get comfortable and confident because they didn’t feel the emotions i had when knocking on doors, they were just different. Little did i know almost everyone feels uncomfortable and awkward when knocking on doors for the first time, week and even months. The peel who do well understand that confidence comes in due time with every door you know on and sale you make. my key tips to help drive your convince through the roof is such:

1) Believe in what you sell

2) Know that everyone starts off feeling the way you do right now

3) Every day, and door you knock on you get stronger

4) Whats the worse that can happen… not interested ?

5) After getting rejected, shake it off immediately and cut off all negativity. Think of a MMA fighter that just got knocked down and got back up.

Having said all that you need to understand that time will help strengthen each pillar of confidence i mentioned. Comment below your thoughts of this article and i will personally get back to each and every comment personally.


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  1. Yes, I know this feeling all too well. I started my job in door to door day after thanksgiving last year. I hope this fear goes away. It’s getting in the way of sales. I am not speaking to as many potential customers as I should be. Sometimes I freeze and can’t get out of my car so I change streets. Any suggestions? I did get a sale yesterday after reading your generating interest post. It did work. I guess I was getting bored with the same old lines as I knew they were not working for me. I am not giving up though. After 16 years on the phones I love this freedom. And the money of coarse. It’s not my attitude it’s my mind set.

    • Confidence. 1 year, this is awesome, note that 1 year of how many hours a day ? thats the important metric. Yes, as for suggestions, self talk, you need to push to the doors telling your mind “ya ya ya ya i know i know anyways” ding dong , door bell rang. You have to push the brain to shut up but when you do for weeks and months it goes away, mind says ” ok ok ok i get it, you want to knock and get sales” got it ? Make it happen don’t be a stat that quits when it’s tough. You been in this long.

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