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3 Step Process To Selling Door To Door

What is my 3 step process that attributes to all the sales i closed in my career knocking on doors ?

1) The Opener Pitch
2) Features and Benefits
3) The Close

Understand that in order to close a sale you really only need to go out there and talk to people and it is inevitable that you will close sales. Althou this works, this isnt my strategy. Anything i ever did in my life, if i chose to do it, i did it at my fullest potential so that i can maximize the reward for the efforts i put in. These blog posts are deigned to get you thinking like me, like the top people in the industry so that you can in return close more sales selling door to door. Why would you go out and not want to close as many sales as you possibly can? The process is simple, not easy hoever like riding a bike once you know how to do it, you repeat and reap the rewards.

Here is a general understanding of the 3 step process. Know that it doesn end there, In my FREE PROGRAM i teach the details you need to know that compromise this post.

The Opener pitch: People in the begining dont know who you are and what you want. They have a fixed beleif about you and what you are doing. Why would anyone want to buy from a door to door salesperson you may ask. recently on my youtube channel i had a comment from a guy who said, i never buy from door to door sales people, and on top of it why would anyone buy from a door to door sales person when they can buy the same thing cheaper online. here is what i had to say:

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 1.56.37 PM

As you probably know you have an advantage selling door to door because many potential buyers need that extra push to help them finally elliinate procrastination and take action in buying what you had to offer. I couldnt tell you how many of my customers thank me as im leabing because they say they knew this is something that they wanted and needed but always left it on the backburner. Always remember when you are doing your opener pitch you wont close everyone however there are many people who are bored and want to hear what you have to offer, so long as your personable and polite.

Features and Benefits: saels reps have the hardest time with this step. When asked how well do you explain your features and benefits, often times i hear that is what im best at.

Me: Hey Billy thorw me your features and benefits pitch.
Billy: ummm, well i cant do it in front of you because im nervous.

lol just thought i would throw that in there. The truth is 99% of the times if your struggling to get your sale closed its because you really lack at delivering the message with clarity of what you product is, how it can benefit them and how inexpensive it really looks. I really do a good job in depth about explaining this in my Members Area too.

The Close: This comes down to have you done your previous steps correctly. I couldn’t tell you how many newbie door to door sales people have a problem with this step and openly admit it. We are a culture of people who are afraid to ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Ask 100% of the time, and your sales will go up, however i teach in depth how to increase your odds of having them say yes. If you knew exactly what you were getting and felt so good about the product or service, and justified how inexpensive it really was, would there be any reason for you to delay ? Knowing this and understanding how to handle this situation are two totally separate things. My favorite quote of all time is ” You Miss 100% of the shots you don’t Take” know who said that ? Comment below who’s quote that is, and tell me how you liked this article.

Happy Knocking

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  1. Lol…thats a stupid thing for him to say. What you said is exactly true…most of the overhead is cut out plus they’re getting free delivery and everything. We are able to get our top quality prime cut steaks like filets and t bones down to like $3 a steak! Plus we have a year warranty! There is no way any store or website could compete with that. D2D has been around since the early days of America for that very reason. I truly want to save families money and make them happy customers.

    • hahahaa trust me when i say this brother, All of us will never see eye to eye. Your exactly right and until the government makes door to door sales illegal it will always work in my opinion. I also own an internet marketing company and a software one that the hardest part is getting the customer to continue to listen online, why ? simple face to face isn’t there. How much more are people able to click away then to tell you goodbye ? don’t be a pest at the door people but instead be fun and interesting ! learn to engage with your clients. Why do they want to talk to some random person at the door ? thats where skill and experience kicks in. Anyone can do it, but its not for everyone ! i trust in you and believe in your work knockers! You rock ! Randy Thanks for the comment #stud that shiz yo 🙂

  2. Gretzky. Great line, I use it all the time with my teams.

  3. I get this quite frequently. The worst part I find ‘hot’ prospects (customers using one or more service with the company l work for) are usually very hostile to the idea of dealing with door to door.

    But ever since I studied not just my companies online pricing and install fees, but the competitors as Well, now I block that objection before it arises because it has been brought up so many times.

    Anyways the more I learn from the Master @ Paul himself the more I’m consistent. F&B is something I had to go back and study to know what my company can offer with their services and hardware. The more value they see, some customers because of it actually asked me how they can have this deal now!

    Am I where I want to be @ D2D sales? Heck no, but with your huge help Paul, I know I’m definitely on the right track.

    And I believe Michael Jordan is the author of that quote. It is very realistic with d2d sales as it is with any sport.

    • Hot hey, ya I see. Bullshit about people not wanting to do business with door to door people. Look, hope everyone reads this, its getting harder for WEAK sales people. Easier for good sales people. This is the good news because now more then ever people can sniff out the sales people who don’t put the time in…

      Good you study comp its important. Comp is ok, you can win by being you. Thanks I mastered this by years of knocking. You will get where you want to be, I know it, and believe in you. MJ or Wayne G hahahaha happy to hear you absorbed it. Its SOOO true…

      God bless. Stay tuned way more to come.

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