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018: The Journey To Mastering Door To Door Sales


  1. Hey Paul, have just started switching more to a door to door method. One of the struggles that i have is getting past the initial cost of a product. Looking for some advice on how to deal with price limitations in the opener. thanks for your podcasts

    • Thanks for reaching out, always remember cost can only look “inexpensive” in your potential customers eyes if Value is extreme !

    • Hey Chris, price issues come from people not justifying what they are paying for what they are getting. In other words, would you pay a BMW 750li price for a Ford Escort ? Of corse not ! Now imagine if you got the BMW 750li for the Ford Escort price ? Would you take it ? Frick I would … In order for price to not be an issue, you need to focus on building the “value” up in what you have to offer. I break this down in complete detail in my door to door mastery program. It’s important you guys understand your steps, and where to not cheap out on your “time” and “energy” used ! Hope this helps , if you haven’t already grabbed my mastery program, do it ! Yes I’m selling it, yes it makes me money, but following it has also helped so many make so much more than the initial little investment !

    • Hey Chris , to start “price” should never be brought up in the opener. Let me ask you this , if your a salesman for BMW can I walk on your lot and ask you, how much is the car ? I need you to focus on “which car” “what type” ” what features” , before explaining price you need to get to explaining how “your product” is going to change their life for the better. That is what I focus on mainly in my teachings. Too many sales reps throw up everything without walking their customers through their steps.

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