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The foundation of a solid office environment

So I recently got an email from a gentleman who does home security sales out of sunny San Diego. The email was long so I wanted to touch up on many points that were brought up in the email. What you are about to read in this blog post will be the answer to many struggles door to door sales companies have with year around knocking programs.

If you ever been in a year round program, knocking on doors you probably know by now that people kinda take the job like “tomorrow” is the day to sell. From my many years of experience I’m going to break down the good, the bad, the ugly and the truths.

Most year round companies hire door to door sales reps to bring in accounts. If you manage or own a company, you know the way to making lots of money with your business and that’s to “Generate more accounts” or in other words, get your sales reps selling more deals. Before you can jump into managing or owning a company that hires sales reps to sell year round, you need to know a few things.

1) Don’t expect year round sales reps to produce the same as summer sales reps.

2) year round sales reps have a shelf life. They will only be at your company for a certain amount of time.

3) know that you need to pick a strategy to use, decide and follow it.

I really want to touch up on this strategy you will hear me constantly talk about. Sales reps, especially independent contractor reps typically don’t want the level of success as most “Go Getters” ! The top sales people in the industry are called the Top for a reason. These people think, act, walk and breath different. I was one of the very few top guys/gals in my office that wanted to be wealthy. Many others took the job serious but didn’t care for money like I did.

When looking at your office, do you look at the reps you have and say, really ??? Why don’t you go out and freaking produce ??? I know as much as you do that they have the capability but why don’t they just go do it ??? The answer is YOU! Yes you herd it , YOU ! You fail to accept the fact that the proof is in the pudding. If a sales rep isn’t producing 5 alarm sales weekly, and you know they know how to do it, know that you either need to accept the fact or do something about it.

In my past what i did was divide the lower sales reps from the top. Setup two separate meetings. Top sales reps get to choose what time they all get to come in for the meeting and mid to bottom producing reps at another time. The things you talk about in each meeting is different. You and I both know the mid to bottom reps typically just need that internal push to get themselves out of where they are at.

Do you want average producers ? When I did the math at my company I found out that 90% of the sales came from 90% of the people. Whaaaaaaat ? Yes 50 people and half getting a sale a day is 25 sales a day. With a top rep, how many sales can he or she produce in a day ? Get what I mean ?

When looking at the big picture every rep helps. Learn how to guide your team and train them to produce. I touch up on this and much more in my door to door mastery program. Sales reps don’t like knocking on doors, some do, but the ones that love the challenge daily are the ones that will bring the contracts and slap them on the table…. Gently that is ! 🙂

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