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Understanding The Opener Pitch

The number 1 question i get asked is How do i master my opener pitch. If you are looking for the answer, i got it, however if your looking for a one word answer please leave the page because it doesn’t exist. In order to master your opener pitch you first need to understand what the goal is of your opener.

Many beginner sales representatives start selling door to door because they want to make money. I began knocking on doors because i too wanted to make a lot of money in a short period of time. With the alarm industry paying a lot of money, guys and gals making six figures in 4 months, whats there not to like about knocking on doors. Now the latest trend seems to be solar, due to the fact that it is a higher payout, less collection upfront and a new thing to do. Regardless of what your selling, you need to understand the objective of your opener pitch.

Objective of the opener pitch

Engagement, curiosity, interest. Most sales reps know they have to get the customer interested in their offer, but don’t understand the flow of how to do it. For you men out there, do you ask a girl to marry you before she gets to know you and you start dating for a while? I want you to ask yourself why? why is this the case that she must get to know who you are before just saying yes right away? the answer is trust and like ability. If someone does not trust nor like you they will not do business with you. When you understand this, your going to understand better how to relax at the doors and get comfortable doing it. I know you need money, i know time is ticking and you need to close that sale, i understand your excited to be the top rep, but patience patience patience.

If your out there knocking in desperation mode, your more than likely not going to close a sale. The reason for this is your customer can read you like a hawk in the sky scouting out a pray to grab. Fight this all you want, challenge me all you want, in the end if you don’t accept this fact and change the way you feel, your going to close less sales.

People believe that right off the bat they need to present their product, where as the opposite is true, you need to sell yourself. Sell yourself? get that mind out of the gutter 🙂 selling yourself means find ways to socially engage with the customer so that they can get to know, like and trust you. Some people are just not cut out for door to door sales because they don’t have the personality for it and they aren’t willing to change their personality. If you are a manager hiring a door to door sales representative you need to be cautious on who you choose. Always remember door to door sales is much like a friendly war. Every day you go out to the battle field, you want to capture as many flags and bring them home, however its a friendly war because your potential customer should benefit from your product and or service too.

The next time you go to a customers house and knock on a door, remember your first step is to get them to like you, it may feel weird but find ways to socially engage with them, making them feel comfortable about who you are, and why your doing what your doing. Understand that you will not sell everyone, but you will get better at closing more people you talk to, if you stay focused, knock hard, don’t waste time and energize your inner core to get out there and do it day after day after day.


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  1. Very good and you made all the sense in the world


    • Thanks brother … The grind takes getting comfortable at the door… Once you have that, along with a solid mentor in the business your set.

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