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  1. Favorite video so far….
    Thanks for the vid Paul. I just started a job selling security I got your program yesterday, and have been reading your blog religiously, and I’m stoked to try some the things you mention. But the last 20 min of this video was the most helpful advice i ever got. I hope to see more videos like this where you act out scenarios, for example more opens (like for take overs – I know you hate them but I still feel like I should still knock on those doors , and I don’t really not what to say). Also what to say after, and when your in the house. I’ve found the more examples, I see the more options I have when I’m at the door

    Thx so Paul bye the way your D2D mastery was GREAT!!
    Hope to see more vids like this

    • Thanks for that feedback… Your a rock star …. Thanks for joining my program as well and glad your loving the detail I dive into in the http://Masterd2d.com program. Roll playing is so important…. When I got started I did nothing but that every day … over and over… I will be adding you to the private Facebook group that you got with your membership so feel free to ask questions and interact as well … You rock … AS for the TAKE OVERS ahahahahahah I HATE THEM …I feel like too many things can stop the sale from progressing. Altho I once did 10 straight and got good at ethically doing it, without buying out any contracts, it was a challenge to feel comfortable knowing that everything would be smooth with the new on boarding…. Happy your loving the content … thanks once again.

  2. You know what… It would cool to see you act out a whole sale

    • Yea I bought a brand new Go Pro and its on my todo list… thanks for that feedback. I have done many of these videos for my corporate clients so very familiar with them ….

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