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Interviewing Door Knockers

It aint easy thats for dang sure and heres why !

Sales people, door knockers in particular are the best darn sales people in the world. People will come into your office, sit down promise you the world only to not  show up the next day. From my experience you have to have the mentality that there is no good knocker until they proved themselves.

In my many years hiring door knockers, i had people tell me everything and anything. I always tried to guess who would be the all-stars and who would not last. To my astonishment i realized i could not tell. The studs who claim they are going to out write your team, tend to not last a day. The ones who say they are just in it to try it out, also don’t last a day. The ones who need the money and have to make it work, tend to do ok however when they don’t get sales they panic and hit the ads looking for another job. Lastly you have the people who are stable and looking to make more money but have a degree or diploma ! yea right they don’t last either. Keep in mind i was one of these guys mentioned. Friends who are doing amazing at door to door sales where also a different type of person i just mentioned. My top sales people all were people of these types. So how is it you interview to filter out which person will last?

You neve judge a book by its cover. Remember door to door sales is all about communication and excitement. When interviewing possible candidates you need to do the least talking possible. After all think about it, they are there looking for a job not you. We tend to look at sales people as our golden children and anyone will do. This mentality will kill you and your company. The quicker you understand that “You are the boss” and you don’t need “just anyone” the quicker you will get ahead. Here are the questions i tend to ask during the hire process.

  1. Tell Me A Little About Yourself
  2. Are You Currently Employed?
  3. What Was The Last Sales Job You Had
  4. What Are You Looking To Accomplish from a new job
  5. Do You Have Your Own Form Of Reliable Transportation
  6. Name A time you had a bad experience at a job, how did you react?

Keep in mind your goal it to see how they talk. Communication is key. Are they confident? Do they as you questions or do they just agree and hope they get the job. If you knocked on doors before you know you aren’t going to get lay downs every single day. If they cannot sell you into being confident that they are the person for the job, how well do you think they will do on the job ?

Do not be afraid to tell them it is door to door sales. Many of my students who are managers tend to tell me they feel uncomfortable telling them this. When you tell them this, and they respond, rrrrr really ? get them out of your office faster than they came in. Do NOT and i repeat DO NOT expect this person will even show up to your orientation, its just not going to happen, in my experience. If they did the 1 in a 100 they don’t even make it past the first hour ! Don’t beat a dead horse in this business. Look for people who have the heart of a lion. If i were to tell you it was easy i would be lying to you. Why is it that majority of door to door companies fail. The ones that are successful are the ones who are always recruiting.

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