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How to Engage More with Your Customer and Increase Sales

Hello everyone and welcome to another look inside door to door sales! My name is Paul Shakuri and want to reach out to the entrepreneur, to the sales professional who is going out there and presenting their products and services and getting rejected! Not even getting the time of day to converse with the potential customer! You get not interested often or people don’t really want to do business with you because you can’t progress, you can’t seem to gain traction. Do you feel this way? Have you ever felt like everyone’s rejected you? Or you gained traction and moved forward but then the customer tells you that they just don’t want it! So, what’s going on? Why is this happening? If we can understand why people do what they do, then we can come up with a fix! Think about your automobile, if you have a problem where your car won’t start because there is a certain problem, then we need to understand why the car is not starting to be able to fix it! There is a certain reason why it’s not starting, it could be the starter, the switch, the fuse. If you understand what the problem is then you know what needs to be fixed or replaced. This concept is no different from salespeople and entrepreneurs who are trying and fighting to gain peoples

Did you know that we as humans have less of an attention span than an actual goldfish! So if we have less of an attention span and on top of it, our entire goal is to gain the attention of our potential customers then we have to work just as hard. If you do not already know this, then I am going to stress that you remember that sales are the transfer of energy and emotion. There is a step by step process you have to follow but the number one goal is to have energy while selling door to door. How you present yourself is key. If you are internally excited about your products and services, then you can gain control if you get rejected. How you lock, look and engage with your potential customer will determine if they want to do business with you. Look the part, gain confidence because ultimately when they are pushing you aside then you can come back and provide them with more information about your services
to get their attention, their full attention. People are not really…not interested; they are not interested yet! We need to learn how to communicate our products and services and how do we do that we need a compelling offer with our hot buttons that we basically know our products and services can offer to our potential customers.

Hot buttons are basically items about our products and services that customers will like that will benefit them. For example, let’s just say you have a product that saves lives! If you’re a senior citizen and God forbid you are walking and fall down, there is an alarm system that you can push that is around your neck that can activate a GPS signal for the paramedics to come to your location and provide first aid. Now, a lot of people will pull up their guard and say they are not interested while you present this product to them. Does that necessarily mean they really are not interested? Even if they are not interested, how about a loved one, a friend and so on. They can pass your business by spreading your seeds out to others. So how do we touch upon these hot buttons? How empowering are you as an individual? How excited are you when you get up in the morning to sell your product and or services? 99 percent of the people are going to say no they do not want your product and they will say they are not interested! I know this because I have experience and I have asked those customers why after I had gained their attention and they said because they did not know about the hot buttons, the value of the product was so high in comparison to its actual cost.

Look, you want to be a power closer and I want to train you into a power closer machine! I want you to build the strength where nothing can stop you ethically. Ultimately, I am not going to let rejection absorb me inside my psyche. I am going to move on and go to the next customer and provide a solution to the customers need. You need to follow this strategy. We need to spark attention and this means once you do that you have to shine. Lock and engage, don’t turn around! If you found this content useful then sign up for my free video content and so much more. I will be seeing more of you in my blogs.

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