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How To Do Well In Door To Door Sales

How? I don’t freaking know…. ask someone who cares…. I sure don’t ….

Lol Do i got your attention ! If you have been following my blog, podcasts and Videos on Youtube you will already know this isn’t me. Often times i get sales representatives from many companies saying “My manager just doesn’t care to help me”. Investing in sales representatives that care is one of the most rewarding feelings i get in the world. There are two types of d2d sales reps.

  1. The rep that has nothing but determination to be the best
  2. A person who wants to “Try” and learn it

Which rep are you? If your rep 2, don’t bother reading this blog post because your going to find yourself quitting at the end of the day. D2d sales is for people who want to push their sales skills to the next level. This doesn’t even mean you need to be a “Good Salesperson” ! All I’m saying is you have to have the mentality that no matter what, your going to push yourself to the limit to learn what works.

Getting started door to door sales is going to feel like magic. After time and discipline you will come to realize its just like a sport. The more you do it, the more talented you get. By nature you have to have a personality that cares about other people. If you do then you will find yourself achieving better results quicker.

But Paul, i just can’t get people to sign on the dotted line. Of corse you can’t !! the mere fact that your telling me this means that your beating yourself up way too much and over thinking it. My 3 step process requires you to

  1. Master Your Opener Pitch – This will get the customer Interested in listening to what you have to say
  2. Present Features/Benefits – This step will allow the customer to actually build “ownership” in what you possibly have to offer them
  3. The Close – Do the previous steps right and they will justify “Paying” for what you have to offer.

If you are not progressing through the sales day in and day out, your messing up your steps. Each step is easier than you think once you understand them. To do well in door to door sales you have to have a plan of action like taught in my Door To Door Mastery Program. I walk you through the details of each step along with teaching you how to build an army of door knockers.

The best thing that happened to me in d2d sales was “NOT QUITTING” i know this entered your mind at some point or will because its natural and normal. The quicker you eliminate that thought, the better you will find yourself progressing through your steps. Lets get you closing more sales selling door to door. You are in Control…. Summer sales is a way of life …. Live it … own it … be there now …

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