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Success, Get Obsessed With It!

Have you ever seen a person, place or thing you really wanted badly but couldn’t seem to get it successfully? Perhaps it is a girl or guy that you seen walking in the mall, you checked to see if they have a wedding ring and they don’t, yet you still didn’t even approach them? I know I have. Many times over we find ourselves walking past success.

I know you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel, blog and want to learn how to successfully sell door to door but without learning how to get obsessed with what you want, you’re going to find it difficult to achieve your goals. Everyone struggles with different things for different reasons. In my many years coaching door to door salespeople, here are a few of the main reasons I found that people struggle.

Some Reasons Why Door 2 Door Sales People Struggle:

  1. Poor communication skills.
  2. They are just here to “Try It Out” to see if d2d is for them.
  3. They settle for mediocrity.
  4. Fear of rejection.
  5. Not Obsessed with being #1.

The reasons I mentioned above really bother me when I think of it. Some of these I struggled with myself, however I was able to fight through and come out on top. Throughout my 10+ years knocking on doors, I found out that anyone can be successful, so long as they are willing to fix their flaws. Believe me I know life can be hard, I get it you’re going through rough times and you grew up differently than me. I myself did not struggle with Mediocrity, however I did suffer from the fear of rejection. I was a male dancer with all the attention on me. I was physically fit and had no problems getting dates with women. When I started selling door to door and people did not know me in the industry, they brushed me aside and I felt like I was a no one. This was very hard for me to handle because being the prideful person that I am, How dare they tell me not interested !

I was determined to find the answer. My gut said DO NOT QUIT! The other people in my industry making six figures in 4+ months told me if they can do it, so can I. I was determined to figure it out. Life is not about how hard you fail. Success in anything you do is about how hard you can get knocked down to your knees and keep moving forward. Work Smart, ethically and always be bettering yourself. How determined are you to succeed? Personally I wanted it so bad that I forced myself to think less and just get out there and start knocking. I started off for 3 months just talking up a storm with customers, hoping they would say yes. Because I outworked almost everyone at my company, I was at least getting sales. I was not the top sales person, but I was getting sales, experience and believing in myself. I then knew over time that all I had to do is learn how to increase my closing ratio. For me, the struggle was I wasn’t engaging my customer. I was talking to much without engaging my customers.

Ask yourself, are you a good person? Dont lie to yourself. If the answer is NO, work on yourself. Have you made mistakes in the past? Im sure you have, we all have. If you haven’t fixed the things you have done in the past to make you who you are today, TIME to get obsessed with making yourself a better you ! I want people’s success more than they want it for themselves sometimes and it makes me sick ! GET going working on your life. Stop telling yourself you can’t or people don’t want to do business with you because of XYZ ! That’s BS. Figure out your flaws, work TODAY on correcting them and JOIN the millions of successful people who are living their dreams !
At the end of the day, you and only you will have to live with YOU ! Make you the BEST you and start getting obsessed with taking care of your clients and knocking on that next door. DO NOT worry about how you will close them as much as knocking on that next door. I believe in you and I believe in what you are worth !

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