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D2D Sales

Sales is sales right ? Not always. In this post I want to specifically talk about the difference between d2d sales and other types. In case your wondering what d2d is, simply put its door to door. Does this mean pysical doors? Residential? Commercial?

Door to door sales is a method of cold calling. Right now, if you own your own business the number one thing you need is customers. If your a d2d sales person for a company, your objective is to go out into the field and close a sale. Contracts and sales are what drive business profits. The art of d2d sales helps increase profits for two major reasons.

1. Little to no overhead to generate a sale
2. Instant results from the direct marketing nature

If your business lacks sales, going residential door to door is a sure way to tell customers what you have to offer, why and where they can acquire or buy. Internet marketing is a sure way to do this too but like many other marketing methods it costs a lot of money upfront.

Let’s say you sell mechanic services. If it costs your company $30 to do an oil change but the average customer comes to your business 4 times a year, it might be worthy for you to pay a sales rep $60 and sure you will break even after the two times that customer comes, but what about all the other times they come ? Everyone can be happy when doing door to door sales. D2d is just simply the process of going out, letting potential clients know you have. Product or service to offer and here is your deal !

Telemarketing is a completely different ball game. Make sure before you ever start telemarketing that you do your homework on what the laws are. These days it is no joke to not stay on top of the legals behind selling using any method. Every jurisdiction is different.

Happy knocking.

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