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Why Your Customers Want To Shop Around Instead Of Closing Them On The Spot Callbacks


  1. I actually had this last week -I can’t even believe I fell into it, I mean I was having a GREAT week.

    Something just made this particular customer a challenge (I thought I had broken this bad habit) – Well 4 Visits… yes FOUR visits… then End of Day Friday…

    “No – I think we’ll just hold off”

    Seriously contemplated slicing their tires lol

    Lesson learned – CLOSE IT AT THE DOOR

    • People are people… I don’t like to put any energy or hope that a call back will turn into a sale.

      I fight to close on the spot. I give them a reason to. When they sense you are fighting to come back to earn their business they know they have you by the balls. For me personally, this has worked because I really spend a peak amount of energy on the spot. It’s now or never.

      if they do call me back, I get confirmation that they want it before coming back. There is no point to come back to re-explain anything…. I took a lot of time doing it the first time.

      What this does to your mindset + new accounts you generate, puts you in the driver seat.

      Super proud of you girl… Live and learn … Remember “Sales” is a choice. Yes, you get to choose who you want to do business with. Get selective and watch your sales grow. It’s crazy how it works.

  2. I started writing down when I would get “not interested” or “can you leave a card/material” at the door and what I could of done different in that situation to avoid getting that same response again. It helps a lot!

    • So proud of you Lindsey, also what to note is, “Do they all really just so badly want a card so they can go back to their house and really study what you are offering?? lol of course not right, so understanding this means there is a hidden agenda why their mind is programmed to say this… Its he defense mechanism i speak about in my http://Masterd2d.com program.

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