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Courage The Reason Why You Don’t Have It and What You Can Do To Build It

What’s up door to door mastery fans?! I want to begin by asking you, just how courageous are you? How much courage do you have to go after your dreams? What is it in your life that is holding you back from getting that courage? Now, if you are reading this I am sure you have already a set belief embedded in you about certain outcomes in life-based on your environment and upbringing. The thought you can’t get a job because of personality or communication skills. Or you can’t get that girl because of your appearance! Well, that is a mental block! You can achieve anything you set your mind too!

Fear! That is what is stopping you! Fear! What is your fear! How can you overcome them?! Well, you have to take control of them. You have to fall on your face and try to achieve those goals that you are afraid to go after and by doing this you will gain a mindset and increase your self. You will begin to develop yourself! If you are fearing the future, then you need to die deep and figure out the unknown! The answer is not doing anything about it, as a matter of fact, it is the complete opposite. It is doing something about it! If you surround yourself with courageous individuals, you will become like them! So my advice to you is choose your friends wisely! Be a leader in the group if no one in your group is the leader! In reality, you have to put yourself to the test, trust in yourself, begin by taking baby steps to dominate your life and to have the life of your dreams. I don’t care about the world! I don’t care what others think of me but I am never rude to others. I use my communication skills to my advantage. I have many individuals who thank me for the encouragement.

Hector is one of those individuals and he fears that he may be failing in door to door sales and what can help him out at the beginning is that he needs others resources so he can build those talents up. There’s nothing wrong if you have finances and you need that other job to pay the bills while you still do door to door sales. Use that as a fallback until you develop those skills to close more deals. Once you have achieved door to door sales and become a closing machine you can get rid of the other job and work towards becoming an entrepreneur. It is all about courage and being in tune with the possibility, of the unknown, of what you are capable of achieving! Take those risks, learn about you and most importantly set high achievements for yourself!

Look, I was shy myself when I was in college until I decided to look into the unknown and when I searched I discovered a new me. I discovered a hidden talent that I had that I never knew existed and I am here to tell you that you can too. You can find that hidden talent! You can develop the skills needed to achieve door to door sales and make it your own! Remember, get rid of that mindset that has followed you from your teens to adult years and search deep within. Take out that piece of paper and start brainstorming! I would not be here if it wasn’t for my hidden talent which is my advanced communication and presentation skills. So take the time to share your hidden talent with others as well!

Thanks again for following me on my blog. I encourage you to take that first step by reaching out to me through the comment section. While you are doing so I want to leave off with the thought that courage requires one to search within their soul, to have faith, to believe in themselves and to accept that nothing in life is final unless we make it final! Peace! And God bless you all!

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