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What is the maximum number of sales that you sold in a day?

Have you ever ask yourself if you could possibly sell more than 10 accounts in a day? I’m sure you thought of a specific number that you had in mind, whatever number that may be. My max was 10 alarm sales with 1 cancelled, to date I could not beat it.

The top sales people in your office doesn’t just achieve heights overnight. Everyone has a certain learning curve with a certain amount of tolerance. It is safe to say that your long-term goal should be to always raise the bar in how many sales you sold in any given day. The question is how do you sell more than one sale a day consistently, but also have days where you absolutely take your sales to that next level.

When I would sell my number one goal in mind was to close that very first sale as early as possible. When I landed on turf my first initiative was to knock on that door as quick as I can.The quicker you knock the more people you will be able to talk to the faster you will run into your sale. Keep in mind that you need to maximize every door.

The reason you aren’t where others are is quite simply because you go out knocking on doors with doubt in your mind. I completely understand that doorknocking is not as easy as it sounds, however trust me when I say this knock with a clear mind, focus on getting that first sale as quick as possible and there will be days where everything just clicks and you will get more than one sale in a day. Many times I see sales reps close three sales in a day and call it quits.

To answer another question that I get asked often in my email, Paul how many doors should I knock on in any given day. My utmost truthful answer to this question is there isn’t a given number except you should be spending as much time on the doors as the daylight gives you. If I had to come up with a random number where you must knock A set amount of doors in any given day, that number would be 25 quality homeowners or people who qualify for what you have to offer.

I see you time and time again and I will repeat myself do not complicate your door-to-door sales pitch. The whole process is more simple than you think except it requires you to have the right bubbly personality but serious at the same time.if you can manage to weather the storm when times are tough and you’re getting beat down at the door, push through and close at least one sale you will notice your paychecks grow, confidence increase, closing ratio get better and more importantly sleep well at night.

In closing I want you to understand that selling more doors requires you to have the right mind and positive attitude along with personality that people want to do business with. If you’re shy and quiet you need to break through in order to see results at the door. Always remember the worst that they can say is not interested.

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