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Deliver The Proper Message And Build Rapport With Your Customer

Question:  Hi Paul, If I can put some money together, I’d like to get some training from you. I’m doing hvac, my problem is just getting inside the house. I have the words, but my persona to deliver the message in confidence isn’t perfected, so I’m not convincing anyone that I’m an authority figure. Once I’m inside though, I’m pretty good at explaining and building rapport. I’ve gotten inside a few houses, but not enough to close any deals. Getting inside is my weak point right now. Hope to hear from you!  Thanks, Kind regards, Asher Answer: First off thank you for the question and showing interest in my teachings. Putting money together means you need get your rear in gear and learn this job. Get angry with yourself when you do not close sales and learn that each door you knock on you get better and better. My training …

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