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D2D Rejection Rebuttal Questions When Selling Home Improvement

Today we are diving deep in answering questions from individuals around the globe. Tim Gomez has asked a question on how to overcome two rejections that are consistently recurring from the customers. One of the reasons they are rejecting him is because they say they are too old to put money into the service and they continue on by reassuring him that their kids will take care of the situation. The other reason is that they are selling the house and they do not need to worry about it. Now, in order to understand Tim’s situation, we must understand his position. Tim sets up leads for someone to come into the house at another time in order to generate the sale. So, that would make Tim a “lead setter.” He gets people interested in doors, windows, etc. Having an opener and a closer is not an efficient way to generate …

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Someone Was Just Here From Your Company Knocking On My Door

Love it or hate it, you are going to get a ton of rebuttals at the door. Instead of curling up into a ball and getting all depressed, you are going to have to find a way to build a thick skin. Trust me when I say this. Rebuttals are good. Someone was just here from your company. Were they? Interesting, well, why didn’t you buy from them. What were they offering? Do they even know? The answer to all this is NO ! they have no clue what it will cost them, what they will get and what it will mean to acquire what you are offering. How many times have you knocked on a door, only to get brushed off. They did this because the sales person couldn’t build a thick enough skin to put up a conversation at the door. I sure as hell can and I’m …

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