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“Not Interested,” How to Overcome This Door to Door Sales Approach

Year after year I moved up to making $314, 000 in a year! This is a lot of money and you can earn that much as well. However, there is a process in door to door sales that you must follow in order to get that kind of income. You will notice that some succeed and reach this rank and others just quit before they can get there. They blame themselves. They self sabotage themselves because they had a few encounters that were negative at the beginning. I always tell people when training to expect to get a ton of rejection at the beginning. And I don’t mean the first week, I mean the first month or two. When you begin to learn how to properly communicate your message and deliver it, you will begin to climb up within the door to door sales industry. A huge percentage is how …

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Too Good to Be True Says Customer Door to Door

What’s up, everybody?! Paul Shakuri here to answer another question that came to me and I used to get this a lot when I started. Many of you can benefit from this information. I was a decent and well-spoken person while knocking on doors and I was not closing the deal but I would get this often. This question comes from Anthony. We were doing a coaching call of about five people and he went out and implemented my strategies and teachings, here is what he said: “…Since the training sessions, I found significant changes in how customers respond to the door approach…” Anthony originally started off as sounding like a typical salesperson. Basically, picture someone knocking on the door, being the only person that is talking while regurgitating as much information as he can in hopes of a sale. In the meanwhile, not knowing that this is happening and …

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003: Opener Pitch – How To Overcome Not Interested

http://traffic.libsyn.com/entrepreneuradrenaline/d2dm-003.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 27:23 — 26.1MB) | Embed Subscribe: RSS There are many reasons why your getting not interested off the bat. Watch or listen to this weeks episode to hear why and how to overcome it. If others are doing it, so can you. The only way your going to get better selling door to door is if you really want to. If the current company your working for doesn’t have the opportunity to make a six figure income selling door to door, trust me when i say this, many others do. Maximize reward for time spent on the doors. Here i teach you how to become the best darn sales person without getting “Not Interested” all the time. Unlimited Life-Time Access to the program. Click Here  

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